Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brendan::11 Years Old

Well darn it all. I apparently have too high of expectations for myself. It is September 2 and Brendan's birthday was nearly a month ago. Slow down world!!!

Brendan is 11. sigh

We had Grandpa Mike with us and actually had to take him back to the airport on Brendan's actual birthday. Sad. But we tried to make it fun and managed to pull Rand away from work early that day (I think it was a Thursday). We made our airport run and then took the kids to a surprise dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Seattle. I swear they had been there before, but no one really remembered it. It was hilarious because they were all just a little freaked by all the mechanical animals, noises, fake thunder and lightening and rainstorms. Some of the pictures I got there were hilarious! It was really fun and we gave Brendan some gifts and then went to a movie after.

We had an extended family party the next Monday when everyone was free from work.
Brendan is officially in the 6th grade now which technically makes him a Middle Schooler. So weird. I'm happy to have him home becoming more and more aware of how quickly it all goes and how soon he will just up and fly away. His own life just around the corner.

Brendan continues to be a good helper. Full of interest in many things and bordering on obsession with whatever it is that he happens to be into. It has been many things. Today it is fishing and learning piano. If you run into him, no doubt he will tell you about one or both of those things!

We love you Brennie!!!

I'm an awesome mom and got my new 11 year old his own manly soap and deodorant. :)

Look how freaked they are about the sparkler on top of the cake!!!
 "not so sure about this, Mom" (these pics crack me up!)
Tackle Box!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Summer (so far) Through iPhone Pics

So it turns out moving, having long term house guests, and having 2 computers die is a very bad combination with blogging! I haven't even used my real camera since baseball. Ugh! It's pictures and moments I can't get back. BUT, thank you Lord for the iPhone!!! All the photos in the post are from my phone. Some straight from the phone, others edited in Instagram. So it's a crap-shoot but Rachel promised she would send me all the pictures from her camera that I forgot to snag before she left.

We have been crazy busy since May! Before summer even started, before school was even out, we took advantage of a sunny Monday (we took Mondays off all year and worked on a 4 day school week. It helped big time with my sanity since I tend to work on the weekends) and drove up to Skokomish Park on Lake Cushman to scope out a potential camping area for the summer. It was stunningly beautiful and the lake was so cold! But the kids swam, of course.

See how cold?
Easton got buried in the volleyball pit. (Dr. Dirt. Ever heard of "earthing"? I think Easton's body knows how to do it naturally) :)
After this day trip, we reserved 2 RV sites (one for Rachel's RV and one for my Dad's) and 1 tent site (for everyone else) for the end of the time Rachel was supposed to be with us visiting for the summer.

And then we just counted down the days until we moved, and had our summertime guests!

Rachel and the kiddos arrived with their RV on the last day of June (I think), just 2 weeks after we moved all of our possessions from the little house in the woods in Olympia, to a much bigger house in Shelton. Totally hadn't even finished unpacking before they arrived! 

This is the only picture I took of the move, but it was the very last time I pulled out of that driveway.

I can barely remember the order of events of the next 3 weeks, but looking back through the pics I realized we really did a lot of fun things.

Right away we had about 3 parties in a row. 3rd of July we had a get together and watched fireworks out at my Mom's house at Alderbrook. And best part was getting to meet my cousins new baby, Ava. 

If you know my cousin, Travis, at all, you know what a big deal this picture is. And that if he knew I posted it here, he may come and try and kill me. In fact, I'm sure I would have never been able to snap it if he hadn't been holding a baby. But I think he will probably never see it. :) Right, Nancy?? Well I think this picture is the cutest!! red+red=red :) 
And this.... normal 4th of July attire if you ask me.

After the third of July, I hosted a 4th of July party at my house. The norm, BBQ, campfire, fireworks. Then the next night (as if we hadn't had enough of the partying) I had a painting class to teach and all my siblings joined me there. We then went out to dinner (late, mind you) and continued our "sibling night" at Joanna's house until LITERALLY the sun came up. Good grief! How old do I think I am?! There was loud music involved, a lot of dancing and yelling, headstands and something called a Pickleback. It took me days to recover.
There are NO other pictures (or possibly videos) that will EVER be posted publically
 Whew. Moving on.

We acquired a pool. A little bigger than the tiny baby pool the kids dipped in last year. It was almost free and required just a few patches here and there from some winter happenings, but it's holding water. And bestly, it's keeping kids entertained and cool. Both Easton and Annabel have gone from terrified to little fishies in just a matter of weeks.

Rachel and I (still recovering from Sibling Night and the previous 2 nights before that, spent those next few days just sitting by the pool life guarding. Then we went off in the evening and visited with a good childhood friend who was up visiting family. We sat by the fire and the water and enjoyed the view and the breather from the crazy (CRAZY) kids!

Summer's here are pretty unbeatable and we have had fantastic weather this summer. It's bordered on almost too hot, but when you've lived in Phoenix, you really can't say that about Western Washington. Ever.
So maybe the next day or maybe a couple days later, who knows, we took the kids to Twanoh State Park for an evening swim at high tide. Evening high tides are the best because the water comes in over hot rocks and warms up significantly. It helped that it was virtually windless. We took Rachel's kayaks and had another nearly perfect summer day.
 Easton (4) and Willow (5) Best Buddies

After several evening outings we decided to take a couple day trips. One day we went up to our property here in Shelton. It's a 40 acre family lot that have been subdivided into four 10 acre parcels. Rand and I are hoping to build there in the future (sooner than later) and especially now that we live in town, find ourselves going up there just to run through the woods. The property was a Christmas Tree farm which you might notice from the perfect rows of trees in some of the pictures.

On our way to the woods!

And THEN.....Kansas people can't come all this way and not go to the beach, so off to the beach we went. Us Wagners take a BUNCH of crap with us to the beach. Body boards, wood for a fire, chairs, kites, swim suits AND warm clothes, buckets and shovels, the dog, etc. So we tend to go to the beach where we can drive the car right onto the beach. Rather than park a mile away and have to trudge all the gear across deep sand. We got there and set up everything (including our clothes line) and realized it looked like our cars threw up and we were staying for a week!

See how busy we have been? Crazy

For the last 5 days Rachel got to be with us, we went camping up at Skokomish Park. She has a big RV which was basically like our portable pantry and kitchen. We cooked and ate at her spot and then hung out and had the campfires at our little tent city just a few spots down. It was awesome. My dad camped, my mom camped, Joanna and Jon camped. Even Uncle Jordan camped for part of the time. The weather was decent, but definitely could have been better. But because we were there long enough we had weather for everything. There was swimming, kayaking, LOTS of fishing, riding bikes, watching movies (in Rachel's trailer). So on our last night all the other tent campers decided to go home. Joanna and Jon had to work and my mom did too. So tent city that night was a little more quiet, but nice. At 4:30am it started to downpour. I got up and gathered a few things and got back in the tent hoping it was just a fast moving cloud and it would be sunny when I had to get up. Rand left for work around 7:00am and I got up at 8:00 ish. And it was still down-pouring. I am talking mud on EVERYTHING. Inside the tent, warm and cozy. Outside the tent, disaster zone. I look out the tent door and see my dad and sister tromping down the river, er, I mean road, with their rubber boots and rain hats on. Hilarious. I have no pictures because it was nuts trying to pack everything up in the those conditions, but I managed! Rachel took all my kids up to her trailer for food and movies while we gathered everything in the muck. Again, it took me days to recover. Hosing down chairs and tents and tarps and hanging them to dry in the yard and then repacking everything.
It was awesome. I would totally do it again. Things are so much easier without a baby in the house! :)

From the campground Rachel hooked up and pulled her trailer down to her in-laws in Kelso where they met up with Royal and stayed for a couple weeks there. Now they are heading back to Kansas and another summer has flown by. I couldn't move on with summer and a birthday and the rest without getting the post done and documenting one of the things we look forward to most every year. These summers with Rachel and the kids are just the absolute best. If only we didn't have to say goodbye. :(

Saturday, May 10, 2014

For Mother's Day::An Interview

It's been a while since I've interviewed my kiddos. I don't think I've ever done this with Easton and now that he is 4, well he is just prime for the best answers! Also, all the kids answered these questions without knowing what the others had said.
Mother's Day 2014
Brendan age 10.5
Wyatt age 8.5
Easton age 4
Annabel age 2

1. What is something Mom always says to you?
A:: Go Nanny's house
E:: Um. I love you?
W:: You're my favorite Wyatt
B:: I don't want you to grow up

2. What makes Mommy happy?
A:: uh, Kaylee
 E:: Funny words
W:: When I make you bracelets and cards and stuff
B:: Me giving you hugs

3. What makes Mommy sad?
A:: Daddy
E:: If I leave your house
W:: When I make sad choices
B:: Watching me on my birthday, getting older

4. How does Mommy make you laugh?
A::  hahahahahahha Daddy make me laugh, Mom
E:: Tickle me.
W:: When she stares at me when we are hugging
B:: When she toots

5. What was Mommy like as a child?
A:: Little
E:: Like Annabel!
W:: Shy
B:: Hmm? I don't know. I don't know what you were like as a child.

6. How old is Mommy?
A:: Old you. Kaylee. Forgot.
E:: 18
W:: 36
B:: 37

7. How tall?
A:: You're short
E:: (Holds hands above head) "This pounds"
W:: 5-3
B:: 5-5?

8. What is Mom's favorite thing to do?
A:: Favorite do now? Forgot.
E:: Cook, or do school work. Actually you hate doing school work! You love to play on your computer.
W:: I don't know, what is it?
B:: Spend time with Dad

9. What do you think Mom does when you are not around?
A:: No. Around!
E:: Play with Annabel
W:: Hang out with Dad
B:: Celebrate

10. If Mommy became famous, what would it be for?
E:: For being a super hero. Flying through the air.
W:: Because she kept doing her work and she became richer than Bill Gates.
B:: Playing the piano

11. What is Mommy really good at?
A:: Right there. Riding horseys (weird answer)
E:: Cooking
W:: Driving her car
B:: Being a Mom

12. What is Mommy NOT really good at?
A:: Kicking
E:: Climbing
W:: Hating me
B:: Climbing trees

13. What does Mom do for a job?
A:: Work, Mom.
E:: Paint
W:: Paints
B:: Paints

14. What is Mommy's favorite food?
A:: Food. Fruit.
E:: Salad
W:: Brussel Sprouts
B:: Vegetable pizzas

15. What do you do that makes Mom proud?
A:: Climb
E:: Make play dough
W:: Do my best at baseball
B:: Promote in rank at Bazillian Jiu-Jitsu

16. If Mom was a cartoon, what character would she be?
A:: Cartoon movie. Sounds good.
E:: Hulk
W:: Aveeva from Wild Kratts
B:: Penny, from Bolt

17. What do you and Mom do together?
A:: Go to practice. Ball Park.
E:: Smash.
W:: Paint. Stuff. Hang out.
B:: Talk about what's healthy

18. How are you and Mom the same?
A:: Special
E:: Because you're in the family
W:: We both broke our arm at the same age
B:: We like art

19. How are you and Mom different?
A:: Different, Mommy
E:: I don't know! I don't have a questions for that!
W:: You're a girl
B:: You're 37 and I'm 10 and a half.

20. How do you know Mommy loves you?
A:: Mommy loves me!
E:: Because she just loves me!
W:: Because she says so.
B:: Because she says so.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Kid Quotes::Vol. 56

I know I have missed some good ones. Better keep writing them down because you really can't remember these awesome one liners if you don't!

One from Brendan...

Setting--We have dance music on. Brendan is banging on a plastic box with tinker toy sticks (make shift drums...to the music) It's getting a little bit on my nerves...

Me: That's starting to get to me a bit.

Brendan: Like it's too loud? Or just annoying?

Me: ummmmm

Brendan: (before i can even answer) Because I really don't need you discouraging me right now because I really want to learn the drums.

Drums continue......

And another gem from Easton. He is full of them right now. 4 year olds are the best for Kids Quotes!

Easton: Mom, don't you think Olaf (our hamster) is cuter than Annabel?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Children's Museum

I almost forgot to post about going to the Children's Museum with Easton and Annabel. It really was fun having just the 2 little ones for week. It was so much easier (not to mention cheaper) to just pack up and go do something fun. They enjoy the same things since they are closer to the same age (don't have to entertain a 10 year old while doing toddler-ish things and vice versa). We enjoyed the Children's Museum one afternoon just me and them and it really was a blast. Sadly Brendan and Wyatt have kind of outgrown the Children's Museum and it's hard to figure out how to take the little ones there since the big boys are in my care 24/7. The things moms can do when there children go to school.....