Friday, October 24, 2014

Kid Quotes:: Vol. 59

Easton: "I wonder why Nana loves us?"

Wyatt: "Because we're so loveable."

Easton: "Yeah. We're totally awesome."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kid Quotes:: Vol. 58

Uh-oh. Annabel is trying to phase out nap time....

During one of our afternoon nap time struggles

Me: (trying to shut the door and ask her as nicely as possibly to finally lay down and go to sleep)

Annabel: (yelling) It's not fair!!!  And it's dumb!!!!

she's 2

6 Jack-O-Lanterns

This might have been the first time we have ever carved pumpkins in the afternoon. It was the perfect time other than we had to wait to light them! The big boys carved their own from start to finish and Annabel and Easton got parental help, although someone (ahem Annabel) wanted to carve her own!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kid Quotes:: Vol. 57

Brendan: Mom, what do you think I should name my dentist business when I grow up?

Me: How about Brendan's Beautiful Smiles

Brendan: (he rolls his eyes) Mom. That sounds girly.

Me: Well, you asked me....

Brendan: I think it should be Wagner Family Dentistry

Me:  That sounds great.

Brendan: Do you think Dad will work for me?

Me: (I nod)

Brendan: Yeah.....he could be the desk clerk.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch::2014

It's been an interesting time for my family recently. Rand and I have been busy, busy, but feeling very blessed. Other members of my family have had the rug ripped out from under them and we have all rallied to hold them up and help carry them through some pretty hard stuff. Our annual Pumpkin Patch trip came in the middle of some really hard family stuff and now looking back, the pumpkin patch was like a short reprieve from it all.

This year it was fun to return to our old favorite Pumpkin Patch at Hunter Farms. We all hopped on the tractor wagon and rode out to the patch. Everyone was allowed to pick a pumpkin they could carry. We did hay mazes and corn mazes, checked out all the animals, and ate Olympic Mountain Ice Cream (best in the world). I'm still drooling when I think of my fall favorite, Pumpkin Praline. Mmmmmm

Pumpkin Carving Post to come!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wyatt's Birthday Party in the Woods

To celebrate Wyatt's birthday with the rest of the family who could make it, we decided to have a little evening party in the woods. It's just more fun in the woods, assuming you don't mind really long gravel roads into the middle of nowhere and no bathroom facilities.
Knowing I didn't have enough time to do all the things I wanted to, I asked my friend, Kelly, to make a batch of cake pops (her specialty) for me. I told her my plan and that I was thinking camo or something woodsy and she suggested a s'mores theme. Perfect! Because we were going to have s'mores and a campfire anyway! :) They turned out awesome and were perfect for our party in the woods. I really can't wait until our house is out there! ....someday...Lord willing...

Wyatt thought his party in the woods was super and told me he felt really special, which was the whole point!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Wyatt::9 Years Old

Wyatt's birthday always creeps up on me since it follows Brendan's so closely but so much changes between the two birthdays. Brendan's is still in the height of summer and Wyatt's is well after the start of the school year. Brendan is also much more vocal about his upcoming birthday and all the things he may want or want to do. Wyatt is less so and I feel less pressure for his birthday. For these reasons it feels like Brendan's birthday has been made a bigger deal than Wyatt's for several years in a row. I know it is impossible to do everything equal for each kid, but I really wanted to make sure Wyatt felt special this year (without too much pressure on myself....I really don't like throwing huge kid, invite all your friends, parties).
Similarly to Brendan, we decided to do something special for his actual birthday, just us and then have an extended family birthday party a few days later.  We had made secret plans but the day before got offered some free tickets to the WA State Fair. We decided to do that instead.

The fair was a total blast. We didn't get up there until about 2 and we stayed until 10:00pm when they closed. We could have stayed the whole day there was so much to do. It's been a while since we've been to a fair and all 4 kids had sooo much fun going on the scariest rides they were tall enough to ride!