Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Swimming

Since it's raining today, I guess I'll post some swimming pictures. We've had to stay closer to home this summer with 2 new businesses that need running, so we haven't had as many trips out to the beach. Instead, we've found a few favorite "beach" spots inland.

One of our favorites is out on the canal. What is it about Hood Canal?

And although you didn't see any "swimming" pictures, there was indeed swimming. I just couldn't move from my spot because I was nursing a sprained ankle. Another story, another time.\

Another favorite spot is right by our house. Let me rephrase that. It's a favorite spot of the kids'. Black Lake has a public swimming dock that I personally don't like going to. It is too small of a park and everyone under the sun that doesn't live on the lake goes there. Brendan and Wyatt have been begging and begging and I keep putting them off. Well, one boring Saturday we woke to cooler temps and gray skies, relatively late in the summer and Rand just happened to be home. I seized the moment and took a gamble that not too many people would be there. I was right! We had the place to ourselves! My introvert self prefers it that way!

Easton getting brave! (he doesn't remember his Phoenix swimming pool days)

These guys remember. Born to swim!
Just us

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Annabel::18 Months

I guess she is closer to 19 months now, but better late than never!

Annabel. She is such a character. In the last 6 months since her birthday her personality has really popped out.

This girl is determined, confident and brave with just a dash of reservation. Much like her oldest brother. It doesn't matter what it is: running around the property, climbing trees, riding bikes....if the big kids are doing it, she is doing it too. I think this all comes at the expense of her talking. She yells instead of using words. They are coming slowly but surely, but honestly, why talk when a simple, primal yell will get you what you want??

She eats like a champ. Likes just about anything. By far my best eater. She sleeps great too! Definitely the thing I hear from anyone who watches her for me is that she is happy, happy, happy.

"Oh, what? The boys are climbing these rocks? Well then that's what I'm going to do!"

Brendan's Big Party

For his birthday, Brendan decided he wanted to have another camp-out with his friends. We planned it for a Sunday night so that Rand would be available, and me for that matter! Since it's summer we can get away with a sleep over on a Sunday night! We invited 8 boys (3 brother sets!) and the neighbor girl (poor Ella! She didn't get to camp), plus my boys...that made 12 counting Easton (he also slept in his own bed). Everyone zip lined, trampolined and ate. I decided to contain the chaos and kept everyone to our end of the property.

Even Easton zip-lined!

Brendan's request for his "cake". Genius!

When the sun set (but before it was pitch black) we headed to the field towards the front of the property. It's a sweet piece of land that is cleared but with lots of trees. Not sure that makes sense unless you live in the northwest. Let me just see if I can show you a picture:

Our Capture the Flag field!

Here are the kids learning the rules and getting their team assignments for Capture the Flag.
 Notice the ninja...
Team Samuri vs. Team Ninja
apparently this is not the time for pictures!
 Capture the Flag was a HUGE hit! They played 3 rounds...well into the dark. They are begging to play again, but unfortunately for me you need a lot of people to play! After the games, the boys tucked themselves into the tent and proceeded to stay up the whole night. They woke me up in my room at 5:15 in the morning and the tent was nowhere near the house!

After breakfast, what could be better than some slug observations?

After all the boys went home, Brendan and Wyatt got to go to Wild Waves with my sister and her husband. I don't know how they functioned on no sleep, but when they got home they crashed hard! Brendan didn't wake up the next morning until 11:00!!!! Welcome to being 10!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brendan::10 Years Old

Brendan is 10! 1-0, 10. It's hard to believe (doesn't everybody say that about every birthday that their kid(s) have? It's hard not to get sad remembering the baby days and how quickly it is all going.

Brendan is such a great kid. He is ambitious and curious and loves to talk, especially about facts. He is like Rand in many ways: how he talks and argues and his sense of humor. He loves food, especially fruit and asked for a pie, a cheesecake and an ice cream cake for his birthday. He got 2 of the three. He is into ninjas, karate, weapons (not guns, think katanas, nun-chucks, and other such things). He has a huge stick collection (weapons). What I love about Brendan is his attitude about life. He takes disappointments in stride, he is tough and resilient. He loves his dad and his siblings. He is excited about his future. He knows he can do whatever he puts his mind to. He is an excellent helper around the house and can do chores (without complaining) like nobody's business. He's a hard worker. And he still hugs his mom. Such a great kid!