Friday, December 13, 2013

A Moment

A moment I captured while I cooked dinner....and Annabel waited.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Haircut for Easton...and Loose Teeth

Poor little Easton. I know I write about his personality every time I do a post about him. I can't help it. I'm sensitive to his position in the family, plus his disposition. I have a soft spot for him because not everyone understands him. He wants to just be who he is, and many people want him to be Brendan and Wyatt. And then at the same time he wants to be Brendan and Wyatt and yet he can't be.

Easton has been very anti-hair cut. All his life. Scared of loud noises, clippers were out. Every once in a while it would get long enough and bothersome enough that he would allow me about 2.5 minutes with dull scissors. I didn't do well with that window, but we never really cared.

The other day we were out and he happened to see a kids salon. He looked in the windows and declared he would like a haircut there with just scissors. I let that sink in for a good week until after much badgering by him I made him an appointment.

Man do I love his new haircut. It is still longer on top which I love and neat and tidy around the ears and neck.

Sadly on the same day, he slipped in the bath tub and knocked his 2 front teeth loose. We had an emergency dentist visit before his hair cut. We are hoping they just seal back down and don't discolor or need to be pulled. No front teeth for the next 5 years would really be sad.

Easton has grown up a little bit more this week.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This was our third Thanksgiving, in the same state, in the same town, at the same house. That's a lot of consistency for us! My dad hosted because he has the biggest kitchen, and frankly the biggest house (and it's not even that big!). I brought a pumpkin pie, a blackberry pie, (vegan) mushroom gravy, a bunch of chex mix and a FRUIT turkey (picture below). It was a feast. It was just family minus my mom and the Lovingfoss crew who spent Thanksgiving in Kansas. I debated, but I am just going to go ahead and say it: "Boo on Kansas"!
Now that Thanksgiving is over, Easton wakes up every morning expecting it to be Christmas. Good thing Christmas is coming quickly!

He ate about 3 cans of olives

Heart officially melted
I love the story these next 2 pictures tell.
Jordan: "Oh, you want to play this game do ya?"
Brendan: "Oh, you have no idea what's coming. I take Brazilian Jui Jitsu"
Jordan: "What just happened!? Help!!!"
Brendan: "How you like me now! This is awesome how I am about to take my uncle down!"

She finds Uncle Jon to be so so funny. I wonder what he was saying?

There always has to be one of these:

O Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree post comes before the Thanksgiving Day post this year. Thanksgiving came so late that we just couldn't wait to go get our tree. The Christmas season is short enough, we didn't think it needed to be shorter just because Thanksgiving came on the 28th this year. So we got our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving.
We were quick about our picking being that is was 34 degrees and some of us had to go to work later in the day. We picked a noble fir (our favorite) and a small one at that. We battle our small living space, so we were looking for a narrow tree that wouldn't take up too much room. I actually think the tree looks nicer now that it is in our living room than it did out in the field. It is lovely.

Such a cute face!
killed it!

And then, of course, she copies him exactly...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kid Quotes::Vol. 55

I've been slacking on the Kid Quotes!

Got one from Brendan today I thought I would file away to pull out later. :)

Brendan: (With urgency) Mom! What's it like being a parent? You HAVE to fill me in!"

Me: I'll tell you everything you need to know when your wife is pregnant. For now, observe.

These kids just make me giggle all the time

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Salmon Walk

It's that time of year again! The time of the year where the aroma of rotting salmon flesh can be smelled just about anywhere. The joys of living near water that is connected to the ocean. The life cycle of a chum salmon is quite incredible and there are lots of places around us where you can peer into the water ways and see the fish swimming upstream, working their way back to the shallow streams where they were born to repeat the cycle. We visited the Kennedy Creek Salmon Walk which opens this time of year for visitors to walk the trails along the creek and see the salmon spawning beds in action.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I had 4 ninjas for Halloween. Annabel wants nothing but to follow her brothers with jumps, kicks and weapons. So while I felt a little like maybe I should of had a girly something or other, I decided to settle for a pink ninja belt instead. It seemed right. :) Weather was great (always a gamble in these parts) and candy was looted. Sugar highs remain.