Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perry the Parakeet

In case you haven't been around Brendan lately, you might not know that he has been slightly obsessed with getting a bird for a pet. He originally wanted a big parrot, like a black cockatoo, but then he found out how much they cost and we started doing some more serious research about caring for a bird and the best pets for kids and also what he could afford. He has been stuck on a green parakeet for quite some time and it turns out that parakeets are pretty good beginner birds for kids. I've been trying with all my might to get him to wait and not get one at the pet store because I know that a breeder (if we could find one) could probably provide us with a younger, hand-fed bird that would be easier for him to train/tame.
Well as it turns out, he just couldn't wait. I personally caved because I was really wanting to be done with the discussing of the bird and onto just having it here. Brendan is fully responsible for food, water, a clean cage AND a clean floor. So today he scraped together all his money and went to the pet store. We are now the proud owners of a little green and yellow budgie named Perry. Brendan is smitten.

See? Smitten.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's been 2 days since Christmas now and some of the excitement over certain new things has worn off. Some. There were so many good things that some got overlooked until now. There has been a lot of laser tag around here and also some electric guitar and ukulele playing. Today, however, has been marbles (and some laser tag). Marbles stress me out a little bit, especially with the littlest. They are always hitting the floor and rolling somewhere and then end up in a mouth and what not. But, I was pleasantly surprised with how this activity went over, even with Easton participating. He actually played with it longer than the other 2....who ran off with weapons when they were done.

What is so entertaining about watching marbles roll? It really did captivate their attention for quite some time. We built several different mazes and when Easton is sleeping I suppose the big boys will try to invent something much bigger than what we built this time!

Thanks Nana for the Quadrilla Marble Run Set!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year was different from any year before it. Many of us weren't together. We did, however, have a very wonderful, blessed Christmas with those we were with.

We spent Christmas Eve morning at our house. Me, mostly making sugar cookies. The boys, mostly adventuring outside. It was lovely weather and a perfect day. We packed it up early afternoon and headed to Shelton and visited with my aunt and cousin for a bit. Then we headed to my Dad's where we met up with my brother, Jordan and my sister, Joanna and her husband, Jon. My Dad cooked a fantastic, super delicious meal of ham and our traditional clam chowder (best clam chowder I may have ever had if I do say so....). He's quite a good cook. There were a few presents and Rand and I got the kids out of the house and walked around looking at Christmas lights. Then a few of us played a game and we headed home before Easton could completely melt down. It was grande (despite missing lots of people).

This morning Rand and I did a big breakfast and presents with the kids and then church. My Dad and brother came over in the afternoon and happen to still be here, watching movies with us. :) We had a yummy dinner and a Jesus birthday cake for dessert. It's always a little sad when Christmas is over. Another season marked and passed. But I tell ya, I'm really looking forward to January and lots of new things. :)

Lots of pics for those we missed....

We did the first batch together. Christmas trees and they were good!

The second batch was all me. (Why do I torture myself by  making sugar cookies?? They are so much work! But they are cute!) 

Christmas jammies

I just love these Christmas faces!

Got what he wanted!

Got what he wanted, too! :)

They were pretty happy about these too.

Glad this guy was here with us.

For God so loved the world, He sent His one and only Son.....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kid Quotes::Vol. 43

From the 8 year old.

Brendan: Dad, I feel like I should be taking it easy on you and not kicking you in the stomach.

hmmmm, that following a quote from the Dad himself last night while we were out, just us.

We just happened to drive past a gym.

Rand: I remember when all I used to do was work out. Now it seems so foreign to me.

How things change. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Around the House::Outside

For December, we've had some pretty great weather. More sunny days then expected and lots of just grey, but not rainy days. We obviously are taking advantage and getting outside a lot because, let's face it, we have a great place to get outside and play!

Here are a few of the places we've been lately around our property:

Walking down the driveway to the mailbox

The boys' clubhouse

Hey, we missed out on fall. And for the record, it was too cold for short sleeves...(not for him apparently)

One of the lovely ponds

The orchard

What is it with boys and hitting fences with sticks?

Wyatt (before his hair cut!!!)

Just boys....for just a little bit longer!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Christmas Tree

We went with my Dad the other day (when he got home from his Kansas trip) to get him a Christmas tree. It seemed rather late and we just went to a lot in the middle of the day, but we got a great little tree. The boys had a blast picking it out, taking most of the pictures and helping saw off the trunk. The weather here has been so good. Not too much rain. Cold and chilly and very wintery (minus snow).

look. someone took a picture of my belly.
And by the end of it, it was nap time and there is no picture of the finished product. But it's a good one. There is even a body-less nutcracker head on this tree. Classic Dad.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I almost forgot to share the big news around here!

Brendan has no front teeth. Wyatt is mostly responsible. The teeth have been semi-loose for a while but not much (My boys, so far, lose their teeth kinda late!) Then a fist to the mouth (all in good fun, of course) got one of them quite loose. Brendan was thrilled. He wiggled and messed with it for several hours until it was yanked from his mouth. A few days later....same thing to the tooth next to it. Only was an elbow instead of a fist. Wyatt! Again, wiggling, pushing, pulling, twisting ensued. I was grossed out beyond belief. He kept showing me this bloody mess of a tooth hanging there in his mouth. By the end of the day that tooth was out. Both front teeth gonzo!
His gums were sore for about a week.

Has he heard the Christmas song??? Only from about every single person who has gazed upon his toothless mouth. Does he want his 2 front teeth for Christmas? No. I think all he wanted was for them to fall out. We still giggle when we look at him. Losing teeth is such a weird thing! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kid Quotes::Vol. 42

Wyatt: Hey Mom, how many days 'til Christmas?

Me: 11!

Brendan: 4 days past one week! I better get all fattened up so I can be jolly!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the House

Okay. I've got some anxious bystanders waiting for house pics. We are so almost done...but then there is the constant picking up behind everyone that makes taking house pictures difficult. Over time, I'm sure you'll get more looks at more of our place. For now...this is what I got!

our house: 1 story stone rambler. 3 bedrooms. 2 full baths. 1 great room. 1 small kitchen. 1 huge attached garage. nice size laundry room with sink. lots of storage throughout. 1400 sq. ft.

Me, Rand, the dog, and the new baby will occupy the master. All three boys are in one bedroom and the other room is multi-purpose. School takes place at the kitchen table because my kids table (I'm still crying about this one) got destroyed in the move. (I need a carpenter friend to come look at it. anyone? anyone?)

I have yet to hang curtains and most of the pictures. It's always last. And curtains are difficult on new windows, IMO.

a place for the train table (close to the sewing machine for kid entertainment close to mom!)
we haven't had it out since the big boys kinda outgrew it. Easton is just at the perfect age and went around and around and around last night....and this morning. (the big boys played with it too!)

a place for school books and other stuff

a place to sew!

a place for all the other crafty stuff. very accessible to a couple holiday crafters.

a place for all the other kid books (I keep the school books separate from all the other ones)

a place for little boys to sleep and play

a place to do laundry...and clean up from outside! (that's the door out to the garage)

another place to hang coats and store mittens! (and play the piano)

a little nook to stash the mail (and hang a fish)

a place for a Christmas tree (a rocking chair when the tree is gone) See my giant teddy bear? How did that manage to make the move with us???

Out the front door



Out the back door

the back

Wish you could see the stream!
coming next....around the grounds