Monday, March 28, 2011

Easton's Party

A post in which Easton gets REALLY dirty...again!

Yesterday afternoon my Dad flew in. I decided to wait and have a party for Easton (besides the little one we had before Rachel left) until he got here. We had Rand's family over, too, and had a good dinner and then cake! Cake this year was a partial store bought and a partial homemade. Cake pops made another appearance and Easton got his own cake (the homemade part!). It was pretty awesome. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chicken Chronicles::Vol. 6 (Milly is the Nicest)

This one, since chick-hood, has been the least shy and jumpy and the most calm and sociable. She sits on top of the fence and will walk right up your arm and sit on your shoulder. Can you believe how big she is getting??

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Allowed This

Maybe it's just because he's a boy. Or perhaps it's because he is baby #3. Or maybe it's just because it's Arizona and there just a little more dirt here. Perhaps it is a little of all of that. One thing is for sure, Easton is always dirty! I can't remember Brendan or Wyatt getting this dirty this often!
He wants to play and I can't hold him while the other two run around and I can't bend over him constantly, so he's dirty. Real dirty. He's been known to suck on rocks and stick his wet fingers in dirt and perhaps eat a little dirt here and there. What can I say? He likes playing in dirt and he likes taking baths. It's a perfect world for this dirty kid!

It Is Finished!

Uncle Bubba came just in time I tell ya. He was in charge of completing the worst part of this darn thing....the slide! It was a bugger. But it is all done (except for deciding on what we are going to put down on the ground...sand, pea gravel, rubber mulch??) and it is getting broken in big time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Easton::12 Months

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet Easton. This year has been a year of falling in love with boy #3. He is a joy and it has been one of the best years. Can't wait to watch him become more of him this coming year, too.
Easton at one year is almost, almost walking, crawling like a mad man, and not sleeping well at all. He is attached to Mama like no other. He is topping the charts at around 30 pounds (we will know for sure after his appointment in a couple weeks). He hasn't cut any new teeth this month (phew!) and his favorite toy is still any kind of ball. He is much blonder than the other two and we can't quite figure out what color his eyes are....kinda greenish.

Love this boy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gooooo Mariners!

Today we hit up a Spring Training game. Again, great weather, great company. Couldn't help remembering the game from last year which included me, very, very pregnant. There are lots of teams that play here in the Cactus League, but we are all partial to the Mariners (except Rand who would have to root for the Diamondbacks over Seattle, but until just this year the Diamondbacks did their spring training in Tuscon). Coincidentally, the Mariners just so happened to be playing the Kansas City Royals today, but like Rachel said, "We never cheer for the Royals". The Northwest roots are deep. :)

Couldn't have had a better time with Rachel and Royal this last week!


Look who's almost 1.....

...This crazy kid!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bumper Boat Brendan

My sister, Rachel, has a DSLR camera. When everyone went on the bumper boats she asked me to take pictures with it for her records (and mine) using her big telephoto lens. It was pretty fun. When we were looking at the pictures later I realized there was a bunch of Brendan that were just hilarious. You can tell when this kid is having a good time!

Here's Bumper Boat Brendan:

Castles 'N Coasters

Today we went to Castles and Coasters with the Lovingfoss'. Super fun. We are having awesome weather these days! We played a full round of 18 holes. Wyatt dominated the kids team and I'm pretty sure I won for the adults. :) Willow mostly threw her golf ball and Royal mostly kept track of her.

After, the kids rode the bumper boats...twice.

tired Willow