Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting Ready

The work to be done is never ending. I've prepped my diapers which basically means I washed them a BUNCH of times including lots of separate washes for a couple of the darker colored covers so they don't bleed on everything else. I think they're done.
I transformed my yucky, old changing table. It looks better.
Here's what it looked like before:
(this is the crib, but the changing table looked the same)

After the transformation:

The crib will meet a similar fate soon. And I mean soon. We're running out of time here.

Speaking of running out of time, I got my birthing kit in the mail today. In case you're curious, it is all the sterile supplies that my midwife is going to need know....she needs it. It is full of all sorts of birthy things like grips of those huge blue pad things, umbilical cord clamps, gauze, gloves, scrubber thingys and a little, teeny, tiny baby cap. It's enough to make reality really sink in. This is going to happen. 3 weeks to go (hopefully no more) and things are painful enough at night I'm really hoping for sooner. Whatever it takes, right! If only I could decide on a name for the poor little guy. Anyone else think picking a name is soooo incredibly hard??? Golly.

I just keep telling myself, "This is nothing to be scared of"....even though the contents of this box kind of scare me!

Science Experiment #6::Growing Beans

To be continued.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the Diaper Bag

Made a couple more things this weekend while it was raining here. Found a cute, cute way to cover those travel wipe containers and made a couple bags for holding diapers in the diaper bag.

And look what I got today. Now the baby may arrive.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Sewing

Finally! I got to sew. I have had some material burning a hole in my stash and a couple essentials I really wanted to make for the babe. Today I got it done!
Wyatt modeled the Mei Tai for me since my belly is just ridiculously in the way and I also whipped up a nice hooter-hider/nursing cover up thingy out of the same material. I have quite a bit left over, so I'm going to have to come up with something else to coordinate.
We're getting closer......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Can't Complain

I seriously have to keep reminding myself it's still winter. Feels like a perfect spring to me! We are still doing school outside, because we can for now and soon it will be too hot. It is just the most lovely way to spend the morning.
Honestly, it is too cold for swimming, but who can resist when you have this in your backyard....and you're a 6 year old boy.....and shoot, it's sunny and warm. Might as well, right?

Lemons off the tree are a bonus!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Baseball Day

Well we are slowly but surely settling in.....and I mean slooowly. I'm just pretty darn slow. And my body hurts and doesn't really do what I want it to and I'm pretty tired...a lot. Things are getting put away, but there still seems to be a lot to do. Rand is working, which is good, but an interesting transition and an interesting job. Still trying to find our routine and have everything settle down a bit so we can think more "church" and of course, "baby".
I'm 35 weeks today....which means I can safely deliver at home in just 2 weeks!!! Holy Moly!!!!! The baby's room is still in shambles....big time. Oh well. I just need some diapers and onesies, and that kid should be set for a while. :)

Yesterday, we took a break from it all and had ourselves one major baseball day. We started out bright and early in the morning at the Diamondbacks Stadium for free family fun. It was Fan Days or something like that and there were lots of activities for the kiddos and even a tour of the players' club house. It was pretty cool to be down on the field and in the dug out and what-not.

After that we headed over the Rand's old high school for the 2nd annual Horizon High School Alumni Baseball Game and an honorary celebration for Rand's old coach, Coach Kibler, for 30 years of service at HHS. Rand played (on the old guy's team) and had a total blast. The kids had a lot of fun watching Dad play, but not nearly as much fun as Rand had playing. He pulled a couple muscles and almost threw his back out on his first swing, but overall played well! :)
Oh, the glory days!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Season Confusion

Who gets to do school outside in February? WE DO!

Thinking lots about Pennsylvania and the insane amount of snow they are getting. I'm a little sad to have missed such an epic storm, but I really wouldn't trade this weather right now. Anyone want to come for a sunny visit??

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally! The First Post from AZ (again)

We made it. It was long and hard....and we still aren't done, but we have arrived. Moving is so gosh-darn hard! I pretty much hate it by now....and I've said about a million times, "I'm never moving again." Although, it's pretty much 100% we aren't going to be in this house forever, but I'm hoping to stick it out for a while, at least.
I'll make this one as short and sweet as possible. My baby is growing (which is good) but making my life oh so much harder. The drive was ridiculously long and boring, but I was glad to have sisters with me the whole way. Kansas was a great break and seeing my cutie-cute nephew and niece was the highlight of the trip. I'm soooo tired. The new house has been frustrating, overwhelming, a blessing, fun, etc. I'm emotional and hormonal so who knows what the actual state of affairs really is..... There are some things I hate about this house....and lots of things I love. Let's just focus on the love. LOVE the pool. LOVE that there are no stairs. LOVE the open lay-out. LOVE the light. LOVE the covered back patio. LOVE the orange trees that I need to revive and rescue. LOVE that the dog can just go in and out and not escape (thank you block walls!) Seriously LOVING the weather. And more....
OK. I can't help it. I HATE the emerald green carpet in the bedrooms (glad the rest of the house is tile). HATE the peachy-orangey walls (going to paint those). HATE all the things that seem to be broken or not working right. Ummm, I'll just stick with those for now. Pretty much hate those things. BUT, I'm grateful.....very grateful.

There are many more details to share, but I think I'll just leave it at that for tonight and give you a few pictures. More of the house to come as it all gets put together.

Does anyone else find this first picture slightly ironic and so NOT funny?!

Saying goodbye to friends. Last night.

Goodbye house.

Crossed a couple borders on the way. Didn't capture all the pictures. I think there were 11 total counting PA and AZ.

Found a hotel pool to burn off some of the car riding wiggles.

Hooray for family who live in Wichita!

Back on the road....the most boring part of the drive.

This is New Mexico....strange.

Snowy Arizona

Little pieces of the new home. A serious work in progress right now.

Our saving grace this summer!
The pool. The kids have been in. It's probably 50 degrees in there. FREEZING!

Oh! Email me and I'll give you our new address. (
Also, no more home phone (if you ever called me on that). Still have the same cell phone numbers, though.