Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Annabel::4 Months

4 months. 18 lbs. I think that might be small for my kids? Easton was 23.5 at least she isn't there, right? :) 99th percentile for weight and up from 61st to 92nd percentile for height! There's some major growing goin' on!

She is squealing and laughing and yelling and making herself quite known. She only wants mom to hold her when she is tired and she likes constant entertainment. No setting her in the saucer for 20 mins to get something done. More like just a couple minutes and then let's move on to something else, please. She likes to be outside, but what kid doesn't? And she still isn't all that great in the car. Give it a couple more months and those brothers of hers will be more entertaining to her and the car shouldn't be so bad.

Speaking of that. She is done doing what I have her doing right now. So, quick, pictures!
Let me just with a baby, a toddler and 2 big kids that need lessons and lots and lots of food is really crazy. Crazy.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spur of the Moment

Sometimes a spur of the moment trip is the best kind. Rand had Friday off since he worked last Saturday and we've been just waiting for the weather to get nice enough to head to the ocean. Yesterday the stars aligned and knowing the weather has been nice for "too long" and the rain has got to be coming, we decided to take advantage!
I lived here my whole life and have awesome memories of going to the ocean and so I am not sure why I thought my children would be any different than I was and choose to stay out of the ocean because it is just too cold for swimming? I mean really. So I packed all wrong, bringing blankets, sweatshirts and boots instead of swimsuits and flipflops. Did it stop them? Um no.
We played in Westport for the day and picked up saltwater taffy (because how can you not when you go to the beach) and then headed home just in time for Brendan's baseball practice and had a really perfect day.

Frozen solid

Typical. Remember this?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How She Grows

Growing, growing, growing. My back is feeling the difference. Three times this week I have put her in clothes too small. Time again to sort through the closets.

(and this little boy is officially binkie free! hallelujah!!!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer is Coming

We've had such great weather! I got a QuickShelter for Mother's Day and I've already used it about a bazillion times. Nothing's better when you are on the go (all the time) and need a shady place for little ones. We've been playing baseball, swimming in lakes and mostly just being outside. Some planting has happened, but not a lot. Some flowers are in pots and some seeds are in the ground, and I still have some seeds to put in (better get on that!). There is nothing like late spring/summer in the Northwest.

our little private lake

the view from the other side

sammy the super swimmer

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom of 4

I know it is different for everyone, but being a mom of 4 has been more difficult than I thought it would be. problem. 4...I can't even count how many times I have cried because of how miserably I seem to fail every day. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't change a thing. And we are happy and enjoying life wildly. But the day to day "toughness" can only lead me to one place. A place where there is grace and I know what I'm doing is a sacred calling. I know God will give me the power to overcome the laundry. He will give me the inspiration to come up with creative meals that most of us will eat. He will give me the strength to go grocery shopping after a long difficult day. He will help me homeschool these young ones and give me "breaks" when I need them. He will miraculously stretch our money further. I know these things to be true. One thing I find amazing is that even when I feel completely I'm done and I can't do it another day, I will go to bed and although nothing is different in the morning....I am different. I feel refreshed, like I can do it again and I'm happy to. Good thing!
I love being Mama to these 4 kids of mine. I am overwhelmed with blessings that I don't deserve.

The first one. The one who made me a mom. (I have faith that he will have teeth again some day)

Miraculously in one place at one time!

This is more what it's really like

Mom of 4. The best job in the world.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Annabel::3 Months

How is it May 7th already??? I missed Annabel turning 3 months by a long shot! Well I didn't really miss it, but my blog did. :)

Annabel. What can I say? She sleeps at night. Wakes to eat usually just once and takes a nice long morning nap. She is terrible in the car. My first child who wasn't instantly calmed my a nice car ride. Oh well. She sleeps at night. I can't complain.

This girl likes stroller rides and being outside and being carried around. She mostly just gets to tag along with whatever her brothers are doing. She has watched a LOT of baseball already in her young little life.

Absolutely love the difference a girl makes. :)