Monday, March 26, 2007

"Bust it out!"

UNfortunately, I was born with the endearing quality of procrastination...especially when it involves a task that includes any feelings of "dread". I have a big task ahead of me: pack the house. And believe me, I'm dreading it. Instead of packing, however, I find myself wandering aimlessly, looking around thinking, "what am I going to do with all this stuff? How is this all going to fit on ONE truck?" FORTUNATELY, I married a guy who does not have this disorder. Any task ahead of him he just...does! His motto for everything is "bust it out!" (A saying I told him to not even think while I was in labor or he would most certainly be leaving the room.) We have a whopping 3 weeks before we move. I have done nothing (except I did help clean the house once when someone was going to come look at it :)) Rand on the other hand is just "busting it out!" He has disassembled the kids play structure in the back yard. He has driven around town collecting boxes, boxes and more boxes. He completely packed up the whole garage and broke down all the shelves so we can move things from the house to the garage as we go. He packed up all his books and moved his bookshelf out to the garage...and believe me he will being doing more today. As we speak he is cleaning up the kitchen. And he has a list: clean house, pack, make calls, clean cars out, call Gary, workout, do bills, do school work, church planning. WOW! This guy can accomplish some stuff! Now this is not to say that I am useless and spend all my time on the computer! :) Right now, for example, although I am on the computer, I am also cuddling a sick little boy and observing another coloring his CARS coloring book. We're together and I love that, even though there are chores to be done, we work together. So, I continue thinking about packing, tyring to find the "bust it out" attitude inside of me, while Rand does it. Maybe I'll have it tomorrow.... :)
Thanks for packing up the house for us, Rand

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's official. We're moving!

It started out as just a simple road-trip vacation to Phoenix and it turned into a job interview, a second trip to Phoenix and a job offer. That's the short version. The longer version is as follows:
At the end of January we loaded up our car and took our first long car trip to Phoenix with the kids. It was fun! Rand didn't have a "job" so we went with no specific plans to return..although we were planning on coming back at some point. Before the trip,we had been going through a time of change since Rand quit his job. His heart was for ministry, so he had been pursuing Thoughtlife (his non-profit ministry) as a full time job. As it turns out, although this ministry is well liked by many and a very good idea, it costs more to operate than we can afford without some other means to support ourselves adequately. (My Arbonne business supplements some, but that's another story) So, something was going to have to change, and we knew that before we left for our trip.
Meanwhile in AZ, a good friend of Rand's had been interim-pastoring a small church, but was heading off to the east coast in the fall and the church happened to be looking for a new head pastor. Rand's friend suggested he apply. So he did. The search committee interviewed him and loved him. We went home and the church flew all of us back down for a second interview and an "audition". Rand passed with flying colors and the church voted unanimously to hire him. The job seems perfect for him and I think he is going to love it. The church is REALLY small, but they want to grow. They are ready for change and want Rand to come in with ideas and a plan to implement them (exactly what he's good at).
Needless to say I am so sad to leave home because I love it here. My family is here which is the main reason I love it, but I also love the scenery, the weather and the atmosphere of a small town, a simpler life and the slower pace. I mean, we are going from wet, cool and green to dry, hot and brown. It's going to be quite a shocker. Who moves to Phoenix right at the beginning of summer? And who would leave here? We just survived winter. We're leaving right when it's starting to get good!
So, we blast off April 14 with a big Uhaul truck with our entire house on board. We have a For Sale sign on our house and we're starting to pack.:( Here we go. Ready or not. We're off to the desert!!