Monday, March 26, 2012

Kid Quotes::Vol. 45

Since Easton is now offically two years old, it seems fitting that the next KidQuote should go to him!

Tonight at baseball practice, Easton, Annabel and I were hangin' out in the car having a good ol' time. I fed Annabel while Easton climbed around pushing buttons and turning knobs. I burped the babe and, as she does, she spit up all over. But when she did, her face was kind of buried in my shoulder and so it really got all over her face.

Me: Oh gosh. Easton, just look at Annabel's face.

Easton: Hahahaha. San.ta.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easton::2 Years Old

Easton. Two. It really is a great age. It is challenging and interesting and often times comical, but I'm looking forward to what this year of "2" holds for little Easton.

He is talking a lot and I love how he communicates. It is hilarious. He can really say a lot with very few words. I think he will probably always be like that. I will say, "Easton, did you have a great day?" And he will answer with feeling, "Yeah. Fun. Birthday. Two."
"Easton, did you have a good time at church?" And his response, "Yeah, yes. Friends. Play. Toys."
I just love it.
He is doing a little of the terrible two's stuff with occasional, irrational fits. "Easton, let's put your coat on." "Self!" "Okay, you can do it yourself." "NO. Mom turn." "Okay, I'll help you put your coat on." NOOOOO, SELLLLF!!!!!" "OKAY. YOU do it." "NOOOOO!!!" Cue screaming and crying.
That kind of craziness. All of the kids (so far) have done this same thing at the same age. And you never know what is going to trigger it and when/where it might happen. Although I don't laugh in front of him, I do find it rather funny (when it isn't totally stressing me out because there is a baby sleeping, or we need to be heading out the door ASAP). And thankfully, this difficult year of being 2 usually results in a pleasant, well-adjusted three year old. And that is where we are headed.

Little Easton. Growing into himself and figuring it all out.

He is loud and tough. Rarely crying when he gets hurt.
He is quiet in a crowd and is slow to warm up to people.
He doesn't like a lot of attention except from me. For example, birthday parties (his own) aren't totally his thing, but I have to say I was impressed with how he handled his uncomfortableness today during his party. I think he loved that we made a big fuss for him today, but everyone watching him during cake and presents is what he didn't really love. (Like his Mama, maybe??) His older brothers really helped buffer all that for him.
It is nothing but Mom, Mom, Mom for this little kid, but he is okay when I'm gone or drop him off somewhere (in fact, it's sometimes better if I do go.)
Dad is a close second to Mom, and those brothers of his....I don't know what he'd do without them.

Unique in his own right, but as one of us as you can get.

I Love Easton. Welcome to 2.


And leave it to Jojee to bring over silly string for all the brothers

Easton really loves Wyatt

I wonder how many birthdays Easton will get where the weather is this nice!
Perfect Washington Spring day.

And speaking of 2....
We have been doing a bit of this. Another "perk" to toddlerhood.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some More Knitting (and a cute model)

You'd think with all this knitting (and crocheting) I'm doing I might have all this extra time or something. I SO don't. I do not have time to be doing these things. It's down right miraculous that I have actually completed any of it. Believe me, there is a lot NOT done at my house. I wonder when I will start to feel like I have things back under control? Hmmmm.
Well, anyway, I have been having fun knitting up quick little, cute things for this little girl to wear.

I did a repeat of the little ladybug vest, because that one just wasn't the right colors and she didn't really have anything to wear it with. Plus she outgrew it in about a week. This one is a little girlier and it is a good one or two sizes bigger. AND she has a cute matching hat to wear with it. Best thing about these two projects: Easy, Fast, Cute and Cheap.
Why don't I knit more often?
You can find these patterns on my ravelry site if you have an account there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Annabel::6 Weeks

She's growing up fast. Literally. Every week I go back to church and see how she is passing up all those other little babes born weeks before her. She wore her newborn size clothing for about 2 weeks and is making the shift right on out of her 3 month size clothes as we speak. She is really "waking up" and becoming aware of the crazy world around her. She is smiley and sweet but definitely has a voice of her own.

These are the faces of 6 week old Annabel (this outfit is 6-9 months). I love her.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little Knit Shoes

Ha! I'm on a roll. Another completed project!

Now I'm going to go try and make another little vest in a bigger size. The Ladybug one doesn't fit anymore. Of course!


My sister, Rachel, she lives in Kansas. Boo. She got the auntie nick-name of Yay-Yay back in the days of Baby Brendan when he couldn't say "Rachel". He couldn't even say "Rae", so it makes sense, right? She is Yay-yay. And I think it fits her. :) She came for a visit this weekend without her kiddos or husband, (much to the dismay of the cousins) to meet Annabel and lend a helping hand. Which she did. And it was great. But it was much too short and she is already gone and headed back to tornado alley. I hope she moves back here someday. She is coming with kids for a much longer visit this summer and it just can't come soon enough. I am soooo excited for summer. No school, a baby who is having much more fun out in the world, warmer weather, camping, gardens....the list goes on and on. But mostly we can't wait for a solid month of sister and cousin adventures!

the 3 sisters with 2 best friends and 2 perfect baby girls

this is where we hang out when one of us is sick. this time it was E-dub.

Kid Quotes::Vol. 44

There was a conversation in the car about whether or not we should go to the movies.

Rand: If it costs $7 a person for us to go to the movies, Bren, how much would that cost for our whole family to go.

Brendan: Ummm, 7 X 6 is $42.

Rand: How many times could we go to RedBox for the same amount?

Brendan: 42

Rand: Just about. Which one do you think is a better use of our money?

Brendan: Um, it seems like they are just about equal.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Signs of Spring

It's coming!!! Spring is sitting there, out on the fringes. We're hunting for it now!

It's getting green out there

The mountain is out!

Playing at the park

And, of course, BASEBALL!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Art

The boys are still in a constant state of creating. Usually just sitting at the table drawing or making books. Right now they are all about PowerRangers. That, and figuring out Japanese symbols which has everything to do with PowerRangers. Also, the big boys are taking some classes through the Olympia School District through a program called Homeschool Connect at Olympia Regional Learning Academy (O.R.L.A.) They are in a clay class together and Bren is taking a wood shop class as well as a computer class and Wyatt is taking a "construction" class and a class all about bears. They really, really love it. It is much more work for me, but have thankfully had a lot of help, at least with taking them there. A parent (or responsible adult) has to be on the campus while they are in their classes. So that's a bit of a commitment for someone with other little kids to entertain!
Anyway, they recently brought home some of what they have been working on since they started at O.R.L.A. And then, we did our own freestyle art this morning and it got crazy messy with Easton, but it was fun, although not save-able except for the pictures I took!

Brendan's bird feeder


Brendan's (I have no idea)

my creation
I love messy kid art!