Monday, September 28, 2009

Kid Quotes::Vol. 10

Wyatt has been spiderman more than normal lately. He spends entire days and even nights dressed up and spinning webs as he leaps (swings) from place to place. Most of the time, I just call him Spiderman.

Me and Spiderman hugging before bed...

Me: I love you, Spiderman.

Spiderman(Wyatt): I love you, too.

He jumps up to go....

Me: Wait! Kisses!

Spiderman(Wyatt): (shaking his head and sounding all exasperated) Oh, Aunt May...

I died laughing....It was an awesome way to end the day.

Science Experiment #3::Soil

Last week we tested our dirt! What little boys don't love dirt?

We found a jar with a lid and filled it with some soil from our yard.

Then we took it inside and added some water.

Then we gave it a good shake and let it sit overnight.

The results are not super impressive because as it turns out we have a lot of clay in our soil. Brendan and Wyatt were hoping for sand.

We have plans to find a more interesting sample somewhere else. I know there is lots of rocky/sandy soil around here....just not in our yard which probably used to be a cow pasture!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Perthes Disease in the News

My friend, Kim, just sent me these links. Good Morning America has aired a story about Perthes Disease. As this disease has personally affected our family, I really enjoyed watching them. It made me very thankful for modern medicine and research and NEW treatments!

If you want, here are the links:

Part One

Part Two

By the way, I didn't update after Brendan's last appointment in July. His bone is healing beautifully, according to Dr. B, and he is running around like a champ. It can take up to 3 more years for his new bone to get nice and hard so we are still limited to low-impact activities. Jumping sneaks in now and again, but Brendan is careful and slows down when he has over done it.
We will continue to follow up quarterly (for I don't know how long?) with our Orthopedic doc. in Delaware. Our next appointment is in November. Will keep you posted.

Kid Quotes::Vol. 9

Wyatt: Hey Mom, God loves us even when we pout!

Good thing, because I've been pouting lately. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Fall is officially here. There are signs, but the weather as of lately has been less than desirable for fall weather. Too warm and too humid. Yuck! When it gets humid our house starts to smell really weird. Side note: I always had this idealistic view of what it would be like to live in an old house. You know, character, charm, etc. Now I think about smells and chopped up tiny spaces and no storage and, well, I could go on and on.
I have refused to turn the A/C back on even though our house is a whopping 79 degrees on the main level. Upstairs must be 10 degrees warmer. Luckily it is cooling off more at night so we make up for it when it really matters.
We took advantage of the non-rainy weather on Monday and had an afternoon picnic and stroll at Valley Forge Park. .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Science Experiment #2::Wind

We have been learning all about weather. I can't even tell you how much I've learned. Ha! Actually I'm totally serious. Like, what actually causes the wind?? Anybody know? Or how does hail form? Or how can clouds help us predict the weather? Seriously, I am getting just about as much as the boys out of a Kindergarten Science Curriculum. I really love it. It's my favorite subject right now. :)
So generally every week we have some kind of "experiment" or hands on learning assignment that coincides with the weeks lesson. Last week we made a weather-vane and windsocks. The windsocks ended up with a Halloween theme since it is that time of year and they are currently adorning our front porch complete with cobwebs and spiders.

(Brendan hates the sound of Sharpie markers)

_____ ______
(I just love that they dress like spiderman for school)

Wyatt's Celebration

As I've mentioned before, the boys get to choose what kind of 'birthday' they want. Basically that means whatever kind of cake they want...I attempt to make.

This year Wyatt wanted a spiderman cake. So a spiderman cake is what he got.

He really wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese (of course) as did Brendan, and so we went for pizza and games. (as you can see we went nice and early before it was packed out with 50 birthday parties)

When we got home he got straight to work on learning to ride his bike without training wheels. He said he would when he turned 4 and he kept his word. :)

Inside for cake. A nearly perfect end, to a nearly perfect day, celebrating a nearly perfect little boy!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Happy Birthday to the best 4 year old kid I know!

Brand new

1st Birthday

Just 2 (oh I miss those curly locks)

3rd Birthday (We celebrated in Kansas on our way to our new home in Pennsylvania)

Love you Wyatt!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Critters

This guy was waiting for us at our back door.

I thought this was a leaf
Saved from certain lawn mower destruction.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kid Quotes:: Vol. 8

Confessions: I have a love/hate relationship with this ridiculous game on facebook. Bejeweled Blitz, if you must know. I hate it....and love it at the same time. The best part for me is that you are in competition with any of your other friends that also play the game. It is a maddening game, completely brainless and yet totally addicting! So...occasionally I play, with every intention of not quitting until I beat a couple people's high scores (in particular, my family members). Healthy competition, right? :)


Brendan: Mom, I don't think playing that game is very good for your mind.

touche, Brendan, touche....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kid Quotes::Vol. 7

[Wyatt does a lot of "I love you more." and "I love you all the way up to space" and stuff like that. Here's one I just loved!]

Wyatt: I love God all they way up to His heart.
(awwww. that's so cute!)

Had a baby appointment today. Brendan came home and wanted to look at his baby book. I overheard the following conversation:

Brendan: Look Wyatt. This is what my feet looked like when I was a teeny-tiny baby. Look how cute my feet were. I guess I was cute after all!

Wyatt: Nnnnooo.

Me: Yes. You were both the cutest babies in the world.

Brendan: Mom. I miss when I was a baby.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Castle Park:Take 2

Last week we tried going to this sweet park, thinking most kids would be in school. Unfortunately that was not the case and Wyatt wound up with quite a sliding injury. Today my first "baby #3" appointment got cancelled for the second time, right before we were walking out the door, so we decided to give "the castle park" another go. Just as I thought, the park was nearly empty....except for the 3 and unders whose older siblings had gone back to school.....and us of course.....the oddballs. These slides are the biggest I've seen at a playground and it was fun to have this huge park mostly to ourselves. I even took a couple trips down the slide myself. I can see how Wyatt got hurt in there with a mess of kids. Those things are pretty fast!

(You can't tell by the picture, but Brendan is running with all his might on that thing and it is spinning almost faster than he can keep up with!)

Oh, and this is how the boys have been spending most of the last couple days.....including a grocery store trip yesterday. Wyatt got quite the looks as he 'nobly' led me around the store!