Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Frisbee Fun

Today I went to Delaware. (First time.) :) Our family and Pastor Dave and his family went to an awesome park to play Frisbee golf. If you haven't heard of it, it's just like golf but with frisbees and these funny little baskets instead of holes.
It was fun. The park was beautiful and the game was surprisingly good exercise....especially since half way through I had to CARRY Wyatt back to the car because he refused to go on. Brendan kept up with the big guys and played 9 holes. He loved it and got better and better as they went along.

In other news, we started house hunting this week. It's hard. It is so different than any house-hunting I've ever done in the past. Everything is really old....and a lot more expensive. We are going out again tomorrow so I hope to have more news about that soon.
Rand is all moved into his office and things are getting set up and settled for the most part....except for all of our possessions that are in a storage unit for the time-being. The rest of the "settling" will have to wait.

Sure do miss everyone~~~

(click on any picture to see it bigger)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Here

You'd think I'd have a ton to write about just having moved across the country to a new place. Sadly, I can't really think of anything to say. I know many of you are wondering how it is going, so I will try to oblige. Mostly I am just trying to get adjusted. Searching....once again.....for "normal". I think one of the ways I do that is just by laying low and processing quietly. I usually have to force myself out of that little rut eventually but I can definitely see a pattern in all of it. Mostly, I would have to say things are going great. I don't really have my bearings quite yet, but that will come. I went grocery shopping today. I consider that an accomplishment.
Rand is loving his job.....all 3 days of it so far. :) And even better, he is at a Philly's game with a new friend tonight.
Yesterday I got to go to Lancaster...I think. At least we were close. Saw lots of Amish buggies driving around. It was super cool. I think I secretly want to be Amish. :) I like the simplicity, back-to-the-basics kind of lifestyle. We picked up some apples, tomatoes and the most gorgeous mums you have ever seen...for pennies I might add....okay, more like dollars. That was fun.
We have a nice, furnished apartment to stay in temporarily and I am hoping to start looking around for a more permanent place soon. The kids are loving what kids love most...playing! The best part is that it is cool and not a scorching 105 degrees and there is lots and lots and lots of grass.
Oh, and I'm still trying to decide on a new name for the blog-a-roo.....
I've only taken a couple pictures so here's what I have.

Brendan up a tree. He's been wanting to climb trees for a long time!

The Arch at Valley Forge Park

One of those little cabin thingys

Valley Forge Park

Warwick County Park (according to the kids you can't call it a park unless it has a playground)


A new friend, Matthew, taste-testing the apples

Amish horse and buggy

A house we're considering.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania

Finally! Mission accomplished. We got here yesterday afternoon....a little earlier than we expected. I felt a little fried, but we were happy and healthy and all in one piece. Glad to be done!
We are staying in an apartment at the National Christian Conference Center campus (the same place where the church is located...and Rand's new office). We will be here temporarily until we find/decide where we are going to dwell more permanently. It's a great option because the commute for Rand is only a 2 min. walk...and it is fully furnished...including the kitchen, so we didn't have to unpack anything except the essentials.
The weather is awesome! And the scenery is beautiful.
We unpacked and got rid of the Uhaul(s) today. Unfortunately, our uneventful trip got a little eventful today. I thought we had survived...but we didn't. No big deal really, but another moving truck tried to take the front-passenger side door off of my parked car today. It will definitely have to be replaced. We can sort of get it closed, so it is drivable. Joanna was with the kiddos at my car and the passenger side door was open. There was plenty of room for a bunch of cars that were coming by, but the moving truck driver at the end of the line was busy trying to avoid the pole on the passenger side of his truck and drove right into the door of my car. We exchanged info. and I'm sure it will get taken care of, but a big bummer. I'm just happy that no one got injured in the process. Just a silly door.
So we're here. We made it. We are super tired and I think I'm a little overstimulated. I'm ready for some down time!
Here's some pictures from the last leg of our journey (by far the most beautiful part) and from today. If you ever have a chance to drive through Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, you should do it. It was so pretty!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

Wow. Today felt long. We didn't start driving until 8:30 and then we quickly lost an hour when we crossed into Indiana. We are officially on East Coast time! The boys were a little more antsy today, but not bad. Unfortunately, we ended the day with Brendan getting a bout of food poisoning. From fruit...we're pretty sure. The lady told us she thought the fruit was bad so she brought it out for us to decide whether we wanted it or not...and sure enough, it looked pretty bad. Brendan tried a piece and said it tasted kind of bad, but he still wanted it. I said no way, and he got fries instead. That one little rotten grape did a real number on his tummy about 6 hours later. Sadly he missed out on swimming with me and Wyatt and Jojee (her real name is Joanna in case you were wondering). And Rand got to deal with the big throw up that happened after we left for the pool. Brennie had a nice warm bath and is feeling much better now. He's bummed about missing out on the late night swim though.
So, the scenery is looking a lot more Pennsylvania-ish and we have just one more full day of driving. I'm hoping to get there before dark. We shall see.

Don't you just love wireless Internet in hotel rooms!?

Here's some pics from today......you can tell we are starting to feel a little kooky. :)

Wow! This was a REALLY big cross that just appeared out of nowhere. It was right next to a church. Didn't catch the name. I was just staring at the huge cross!
The Birthday Boy!

A little friend who has been enjoying the trip with Wyatt
And another new friend, who joined the trip in Wichita
Just snapping pictures due to sheer boredom
Me......NOT driving!

Joanna....driving, but not looking at the road

Wyatt...a little worried about the two operating the vehicle

Getting greener......