Monday, May 31, 2010

The Big Sister Visit (plus others)

Phew! We've had a crazy, fun week. While having everyone under one roof (almost) is super fun and crazy, I much prefer the shorter more frequent visits that we used to have when we lived closer together. But we don't, so we will enjoy what we can. And we had a lot of fun! Last Saturday morning my sister Rachel and her family (Royal, Jayden and Willow) flew in. That evening my other sister Joanna joined us and they all stayed for a week. My parents, although ready to get out of their motorhome, stayed in Phoenix a little longer for the visit and we spent the week mostly at my house in the pool or in the kitchen! :) The kids have never been so tired and no one really caught up on sleep until the very end of the week (of course). My camera is broken at the moment so all of these pictures came from Rachel, Joanna or my Mom's camera.

Willow is the cutest. We need some more girls in this family!

Look what Easton loves doing! He still needs a lot of propping!
He gets this same crazy look on his face in the bathtub. He's crazy, just like his brothers!!

There was a lot of snow cone eating....and a couple margaritas

This is the famous "Papa hold". Puts babies to sleep like a charm!

Jayden loves his trains!

This is one good Auntie (We're training her)! :)

Let's not forget the lightsabers!!!

And of course there was the endless swimming at all hours!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Fun

You'll have to click the links for now to see what we've been up to! Busy, busy, busy!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kaylee Quotes::Vol. 1

I really need to start a new series, if you will, documenting all the crazy things I say to my kids. Just like Kid Quotes, there has got to be some recording of my own quotes! My sister and I laugh at each other often over the phone at the things we hear each other say as Moms without even thinking twice about it. For example, I hear Rachel say to her son, "Jayden, stop jumping on your sister!" Or I catch myself saying, "Quit licking the table!" If you stop and think about it, it's kind of funny.

I caught myself again, just the other day, and decided the time has come to document some of the crazy things I find myself saying to my little kiddos. So without further ado the first Mommy Quote is....

(to the two older boys) "Ummm, why does the baby have a lightsaber???"

Kid Quotes::Vol. 17

Wyatt: Mommy, I don't think I'm feelin' real good.

Me: Really?

Wyatt: Yeah. I just think there is nothing to do but go to Heaven.

Me: Really???

Wyatt: Yeah. Because I'm tired of waiting.

:) Me too buddy, me too.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Boy...

This one. He's growing up too fast.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guess Where

Any guesses where this picture was taken? Be sure to note where the baby seat is. It won't help you guess, but I will tell you that we drove down the road like that. That would be the center console between the 2 front seats in case you can't tell.

....Still don't know? Let me give another hint.

Again, note where the baby is. Oh my word. I was scared to death!!!! We were about 80 plus miles outside of Phoenix. Our car is still there. This was just a couple hours after picking it up from the shop "all fixed up". Same problem left us stranded, with all the kids, miles and miles from home and NOTHING open all weekend. We survived. Just another adventure for the adventure books!

Brendan and Wyatt thought the whole thing was a blast. Even waiting in the car for over an hour for the tow truck on the side of a busy road didn't phase them. Of course having Nintendo DSi(s) to play with helped pass the time like it was nothing. (Um, have I thanked Aunt Joanie enough for those lifesaving devices??? Actually I have. Sometimes I text her out of the blue when they save us in similar situations and I imagine what it could have been like without them!!! THANK YOU AUNT JOANIE!!!)
So, yes. it is somewhat laughable and a lot regrettable and well, what can you do? Such is life. Ups and downs. We are safe, our car will get fixed somehow. We will recover.
In case you were wondering how we got home.... We rented some crazy Cadillac (the only car left at the only open car rental place and we BARELY fit in the thing) and drove back down the mountain. I told the tow truck driver to just drop us off at the closest car dealership so that Rand could buy me a new minivan, but Rand refused. (Just kidding, he would if we could. Impulse buying is never a good idea) I will say that the Caddie was a pretty nice ride. It was so quiet Rand and I could whisper and actually hear eachother! So what if I felt a little like I should either be wearing a lot of gold chains or be driving to my retirement home in Florida. (don't ask why those are the associations I make with Cadillacs..or town cars in general) :)
Monday they will get back to work on our car and somehow we'll drive up and pick it back up...hopefully getting home with it before it's toast.
Fun times, eh?

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Lopped My Locks

As much as I like having long hair the time had come for it to go. I've gone from long to short, long to short several times, but it has been pretty much long since before Brendan was born. I cut it short right after I got married and I loved it, but I grew back out and it's been medium long to quite long ever since. Well, throw in a newborn and a swimming pool and I just can't keep up with my long hair anymore. This morning I even got spit up in it!
Besides being long I just have A LOT of hair...even when it's short and it's wavy, so making it look nice and straight takes a lot of time....and heat.
Well now I have short, almost thin! hair. (I cut enough to donate to Locks of Love!)
I think I lost a couple pounds! And this is going to make summer a lot more fun for me!





Tuesday, May 11, 2010

E-Dub::6 Weeks

The last few pictures were of us just this morning. We didn't sleep a whole lot...actually hardly at all. Something I ate I'm sure! Good thing I'm okay with a messy house, no makeup, laundry everywhere, and hodge-podge meals. Hey, at least I took a shower last night!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Super High for Super Wy

...and Super Brendan.
This is what the boys have been doing after dinner the last few days.