Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Cutest Christmas Program Ever

...well, at least I think so...but only because my kids were in it. This show was put on by CBS (Community Bible Study) that the kids and I go to every Tuesday morning. They have such an amazing program for the kids....including homeschoolers. Today was their Christmas show and Rand met me there armed with cameras and camcorders. My camera also records video so I switched back and forth between still pictures and video because I knew it would be easier to get them on my blog quick. Rand video taped the whole thing on our other camera which we have already watched again when we got home. Brendan's class did a play (I couldn't tell you what it was about) but he got to be a firefighter and then had one line that he memorized and spoke into the microphone. If he was anything like me he would have stood in front of that microphone like a deer in the headlights....frozen....and then burst into tears. BUT, he is not. He did great. Both boys did. Wyatt sang like a champ but said he was too shy to do the hand motions (maybe there's a little of me in that boy!) I totally cried! I'll thank the baby for that.

Here's a few video clips:
Both boys so proud of themselves and each other. Brendan's line!

Wyatt singing!


rachel said...

they are so cute!!! they did so good! i wish i could of been there to watch! :)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping they would yell out, "Long Live Fishing" or "I would rather be fishing". That is what I would do.
Uncle Bubba