Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Weekend

The weekends are going by way too fast. I think we just have too much to do. Or maybe we need to change our mindsets about what is actually possible and take on a much slower approach to projects related to our house. Ugh! We basically only have Fridays because Saturday is filled with baseball and church. Can't really do anything else. This weekend Rand was sick Friday and was laid up the whole day with a fever. So this week we are starting slightly behind. But Saturday was Saturday as usual. This week the boys both had games at the same time. Wyatt's was at a new field like an hour a way and so we decided to skip his game and just all go to Brendan's. Wyatt was all for it because his girlfriend is Brendan's coach's daughter and he spends the whole game running around and climbing trees with her. Oh my. I think he has his first real crush. He's already made her a Valentine and he thinks she is "beautiful". It really is quite precious. He is such our ladies-man. Girls just sort of flock to him. Am I really talking about this?? He's 5 for goodness sake! After that we came home for a bit and went back (I say went back, because it's a bit of a drive West) to church.

A word on church.

I'll admit it. We go to CCV. Yes, it's a mega-church. Yes, the smoke machines during worship is a little much (but man! the music is awesome). Yes, it looks like a college campus. Yes, the preaching is topical. But, there is lots of things we love. Kids programs, Saturday night service, a great place to be, hang out, meet people and bring people,... to name a few. They are growing and changing and trying to do really good things in the community. Perhaps it's a topic for another post.

For now, some pictures from the weekend!

See why the girls like him?

He's trying real hard not to be scared! He's pretty nervous about being hit by a pitch. And it is a good possibility at this age group. Fortunately they aren't throwing very hard yet!

At church. We go early so we can play.


And Wyatt slid through some mud right before church. Oops. (How is there mud????)


Mama Amy said...

Can I just say that it seems downright bizarre to see pictures of your kids in shorts and t-shirts??? (yes we are up to our eyeballs in snow and ice ... I cannot wait for spring to come in a big bad way ...)
Cute pics, and Wyatt ... well, you can see why the girls are digging him. :)
Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Rand will have to teach all three of your boys about being chased by girls!! He has to know all about it! Cute, smart, and athletic!!

Rachel said...

your boys are so darn cute. :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, focus on fishing, not the ladies. Keeps you out of trouble. Secondly, just get plunked by your first pitch, get it out of the way, and then you are good to go.
Uncle Bubba