Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I don't know how we ended up with 4 HUGE pumpkins this year, but we did. Annabel couldn't even reach to the bottom of hers. (As if that would stop her.) Ack! I can't believe October is almost over!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Pumpkin picking and other stuff at Lattins

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Walk

Clearly I am out of picture taking blog practice. I went on a little fall walk with Easton and Annabel while the big boys did some laundry. They both looked at me as if they had never seen my camera before. I would have gotten more character out of them if I had whipped out my phone, I'm convinced of it. But nevertheless, I took some pictures, and I got them on my computer and here I am...documenting my fall walk with Easton and Annabel in some of that spectacular fall weather we enjoy here in the PNW.

No clue what a camera is

What? Doesn't everybody eat pancakes and read books when they go for walks?

Again, no idea what that camera thing is all about

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wyatt::8 Years Old

Holy Moly. Time to dust off the old bloggidy-blog. Sheesh. A whole month. Ridiculous.

Well I can't miss Wyatt's Birthday. Wyatt turned 8 on September 18. We had a small family dinner on his birthday since a few of his family members were out of town on vacation and/or out of town because they don't live here. :) He requested pizza, of course, and a Butterfinger ice cream cake. I obliged.

Because it was his 8th birthday, Wyatt got to go out of town with Rand over night for a special initiation of his "manhood training" (our form of intentional parenting). It marks the beginning of a season of intentional training in his life including things like responsibility, Christian manhood, leadership, etc. He has been looking forward to this for a year. They went to Ocean Shores and besides important talks, they also went swimming, scooter riding and go-cart racing. He had a blast and felt very special. We had a special dinner for him and he got a special gift from us to mark the occasion.

Wyatt as an 8 year old is happy and agreeable. He takes disappointments with stride. He is a good helper. He is active and energetic. He loves Jui Jitzu and jumping on the trampoline. He (along with his older brother) are obsessed with martial arts and martial arts type weapons. He is sweet, sweet, sweet with Easton when he gets in the groove and plays imaginary games with him. Easton absolutely eats it up. The favorite game right now is called "Daddy, Brother, Uncle". Hilarious to listen to from the outside. :)

Every single picture on here is a crummy phone picture. One of my many excuses for not blogging is my lack of camera use. Need to carry it around with me more! This very well represents the season of life I am in right now!