Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easton::4 Years Old

Today Easton is 4! I love 4 year olds. It's such a fun age. Easton is into ninjas and pretty much doing whatever his older brothers are doing. He loves to play outside and especially jump on the trampoline (with his brothers). He still wants me to brush his teeth for him and carry him to bed. He loves to play starfall.com on the computer and he is a great singer. He is only in his element when he is well rested and not put on the spot to perform. Being watched, laughed at or pressured is sure to cause him to clam up and shut down. Although he is painfully shy, he loves going to the playground and making new friends while he is there. In fact, surprisingly for him, he prefers to play at the playground when other kids are there to play with.

He is complicated and seemingly a "tougher nut to crack" than any of the other kids. I think I like that about him. ;) He is growing into his own at his own pace and he is a joy.


This is Easton's face (and Wyatt's) when he saw the hamster Papa got him

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Anonymous said...

Alright he is old enough to go fishing in the boat
Uncle bubba