Saturday, August 29, 2009

Box Day (#3)

We are now home from our long visit to Washington. I woke up sick the next morning, so I can't really say I'm feeling great about being back. It's warm, I'm sick, I'm pregnant (which means more sick and also tired) and I still have jetlag (so even more tired). BUT, we had books waiting for us at the door when we got home.

I LOVE Box Day! It's the day we get to rummage through all the wonderful possibilities that await us this year. It really is like Christmas. This was our 3rd official Box Day and I think it gets better every year. There is a constant hum of "OOOooo! Look at this book. Mom can you read me this right now? Look at this one!!!!" It's quite fun. And really, when you spend that kind of money in one swoop online, it sure is nice to receive such a treasure.

We are getting started probably Tuesday. All the other schools here are starting Monday and we usually try to celebrate the UN-First Day of School by not doing school and doing something fun instead. It's always fun to head to the zoo or the park or the pool or somewhere usually packed full of kids and have it all to ourselves. We'll see what we can pull off this year with all the yuckiness I'm feeling. :(

Here's to another Box Day!


Leslee aka mom aka nana said...

wow that looks like a year full of awesome.. fun.. amazing.. learning....what a great way to celebrate the new school year! i still find it hard to pass up new lunch boxes....might just go find a couple cute ones and send them to the might be fun to have a day when their lunches are made the night before and then they can eat them in the "classroom"
miss miss miss you all
hugs and love

Anonymous said...

We don't need no education, we need fishing.
Uncle Bubba

Luke said...

Happy Box Day! Woo-hoo! [smile]