Sunday, January 17, 2010

Single Digits

I am officially 31 weeks. Only 9 (or so) to go. That freaks me out a little on many different levels. On one hand, it feels so far away. I couldn't possibly continue growing and waddling and moving like an old woman for 9 more weeks. On the other hand, this is not nearly enough time. Too much to do, too many miles to travel, too many boxes to pack, move and unpack. Hmmm, 9 weeks. I feel like I haven't thought "baby" nearly enough.
In other single digits, Rand is leaving in 1 day...actually less, to Phoenix to find us a place to live and do a few other things in preparation for our arrival. This will be the first time he gets to make the house decision alone. Yikes!!! I'm just going to have to trust him to see things through my eyes! He will be gone for 5 days.
Once he returns we will have just 4 more days to finish things up here. The moving truck will begin to be loaded on the 27th. The 27th will also be Brendan's last "Perthes" appointment at DuPont Children's Hospital and my sister Rachel will be flying in to help load and drive. It's like deja vu to write about our trip west....except in reverse. This is still so weird to me.
I go back and forth between thinking about moving, packing, a new house, the baby and the church. This really is kind of ridiculous. Just the baby is enough. A church-plant is a big deal by itself. Plus throw in moving across the country and we have ourselves a serious recipe for stress. Honestly though, we seem to be getting by one day at a time pretty okay. I take lots of deep breaths and let things go constantly throughout the day. I've only broken down and cried a couple times....and that's usually after I smash my finger trying to dismantle something or something like that. :)
So pray for us! We are doing well, and have lots to look forward to, but a whole lot on our plates and all I really want to do is get settled, sew a couple baby carriers, order diapers and get ready for #3.
Soon, right?
9 more weeks.


rachel said...

whew dude, laying it all out there like that, you kinda freaked me out!

can't wait to come and help you and gawk at your huge belly!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you take time out to hit the old fishing hole before you leave.
Uncle Bubba

Kristi said...

I've been praying for you! <3 I know it's probbaly not nice ;) but when I start stressing out about baby stuff and getting ready I just think "hey, Kaylee's got so much more on her plate and 4 fewer weeks and she's probably doing it with far more grace..." So, you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

Kristi said...

excellent spelling... Ü

mom said...

baby #3 is a are a "pro" could sleep him in a dresser drawer if you had to and swaddle him in one of rand's shirts if that was necessary too and baby boy would have everything he needs....cause all he needs is you....brennie and wyatt can live out of boxes for the longest time and have a grand adventure doing many people are praying you on your way and will be here for all the help you want....all will be just need to breathe

The Raudenbush Family said...

How come some seasons seem like forever and others seem to go by way too fast?


Maureen said...

WOW! The whole thing is just too amazing. it brings back memories of leaving for AZ in 1986 with only the stuff in our trunk. We sold everything and only had three days to find a house before we ran out of money!.. God never let us down.

Krisy said...

You can do it. Really. Praying...