Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fatboy

Perhaps by the title you thought this post was going to be about Easton? touche...
Actually this is about an actual "fatboy".
My brother Willie had a motorcycle. It was super cool. Blue and chrome. A Harley-Davidson Fatboy. After he died my Dad learned to ride it and enjoys riding it now. I think it's pretty cool that my Dad rides it. The boys just think it's cool. Period. My Dad showed up on the bike while we were at the park and the boys had a lot of fun sitting on it, wearing the helmet and listening to the beast start up.

look at Wyatt in the background. hehe


rachel said...

Jayden would of loved that! He kept telling me he wanted papa to take him for a ride on it! If Willie was around, I'm sure Jayden would of gotten his ride! :)

Anonymous said...

I see Papa did not have a fishing pole in his backpack, he should have.
Uncle Bubba