Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation 2010::First Week

Sheesh. I did not mean to neglect the blog for so long. Just lost the desire somewhere along the line, not to mention it has been a real crazy couple weeks. 1400 miles of driving. Vacation. Visiting. Family. Birthday. Sunshine. Rain. Etc...

And lucky for you I'm combining it all into one super post!

Thursday (the 30th) after Rand got home from work, we hopped in the car and started driving West toward Cali! We had our first major monsoon of the season that evening so it made for an interesting start to the trip...that and Easton fussed and yelled for the first 30 mins. The whole trip wasn't bad, but it did make me VERY glad that we decided to move before Easton was born back in January. It was a tad stressful with a babe, trying to make sure he was happy, fed, sleepy, getting play time, diaper changes, etc. I won't bore you with trip details. Long story short we got to my old hometown, Shelton, WA on Saturday morning and it has been non-stop ever since.
On the road....finally getting to some real trees!!! 
and mountains!!

Once we got to my parents house on Mason Lake we got to work playing and being outside because we've been deprived the last few months!
The kids were a lot more brave this year in the rocket. We made some huge waves for them to launch off!
Rand got in on the action too.

The boys are quite taken with their Uncle Jon. Pretty much all kids (except Willow) and even animals love Jon. :) He's married to my sister Joanna, aka Jojee.

Ahhhh, the view from our room.

I think Easton likes it here (it's like his first time wearing full clothing)!
He's making these weird faces at his Auntie Jojee

Uncle Jon set up part of his drum set for the boys out in the garage.

picnicking outside with cousin Jayden, here from Kansas.

And then we had a birthday! Brendan is officially 7 years old.

And just because these pictures are pretty much awesome and they must make an appearance, here you go:
(notice Wyatt. little turkey)

Rand is headed back to Phoenix now, but I'm lucky enough to get to stay a little bit longer. We are soaking up family and friends and awesome weather! Stay tuned for more!


Nichole said...

Kaylee, we miss you guys terribly...
EASTON IS SO ADORABLE, I seriously cannot take the cuteness. His cheeks are the best, and those faces, lol.

Brenden and Wyatt are looking so much older now too. :)
Looks like so much fun on that water boat thingy. So glad you guys are doing well. Enjoy.

Kim said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your time in Washington! Now if we could only get the weather to not feel like Augtober!

Anonymous said...

Good times had by all, especially the fishermen.
Uncle Bubba