Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boys on the Town

Rand and the big boys got a fun night out the other night. We have some new-ish friends who have boys on our boys' baseball teams (so they are in all the same places as us all week). They invited us to go watch the D-backs kinda of last minute when they acquired some free tickets. I decided to hang back with Easton since it was a 6:40pm game and he would be no good after the 1st inning anyway. Rand thought it would be fun for the boys to take the light rail downtown rather than drive through rush-hour and try to find parking. He was right. They loved it. I think the whole night was a blast, especially being at the game with their best baseball buddies. I made Rand take the camera and they came back with proof of their night out! They weren't home until 10:30pm. They were pumped full of all kinds of sugar and came possessing 2 balls they got from their perfect sidelines seats!

I love this picture. They all look just a little bit crazy. I blame it on the copious amounts of sugar that was consumed during those 9 innings!


Rachel said...

awesome!!! i love baseball games!!! i bet they had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I look like that after I catch a fish, or anytime I am fishing.
Uncle Bubba

mom aka nana said...

boy oh boy oh boy :)