Monday, January 16, 2012

39.5 weeks

Not that I'm counting or anything....

I really do know better than to get anxious too soon about having a baby before my actual due date. But I just can't help it. I can't. I just think, maybe this time, maybe my baby will come at 38 weeks and be little and really easy to push out, and it won't be that scary.' But no. I cook 'em full term. Full-full. And they are nice and healthy and round. And that is good too. It's just scary. And I do stuff to try and encourage my body to move things along...but as I have learned before, if the baby isn't ready....there is no "making" things happen before it is time.

So today, I thought nothing of putting on all my snow gear (the stuff that still fits), basically layers of cotton/stretchy stuff and then hats, boots and gloves. I layered up all 3 kids, grabbed a carrot and some sleds and tromped off into our winter wonderland.

It is awesome out here. Apparently we are in one of those "pockets" because a lot of the areas around us don't have nearly the amount of snow we do. We've had 3 inches since yesterday and it's been snowing here almost all day with more expected tonight! Wooohoooo! I just measured and we have a solid 4 inches right now. (There is a small element of fear that I might end up delivering my baby unattended or something, but then again I don't think I'm ever going to have this carry on)

Living in the woods we have patchy areas that don't have as much snow, but there is plenty of clearings to go build a snowman. We built our 4th snow man today. He was pretty cute. And it was not easy for my body to do that. But I did. And my water didn't break. And my labor didn't start. I just couldn't breathe very well, and my back was aching after. And then I pulled Easton in a sled up a hill. I would love to have seen myself. I must look rather ridiculous. I guess if I'm going to be pregnant forever, I should just get used to it. :)

(don't worry. I know the end is near. Soon the huge child in my midsection will be out of my way and I will be able to bend and breathe at the same time. And that will be nice.)
Until as usual!


Leslee aka mom aka nana said...

Cute cute cute and the snowman is awesome....what? FOUR snowmen???? Holy moly...well it looks amazing...all the snow and hills to sled down and joy on everyone's assuming there is joy on your face too! Hugs to all of you....come baby come!

Lisa Dorcy said...

you are my hero Kaylee! I don't know where you get the energy, but I am wishing I had some of it and I still have about 7.5 weeks until my due date! Hang in there...can't wait to see pictures of your sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kaylee you are so amazing! I love your attitude and your energy and your willingness to get out there with your children and make wonderful snow memories!! We are waiting for you sweet baby girl come on out and enjoy the snow!! I always think snowmen look like marshmellow men! The Great Marshmellow

Anonymous said...

You should go and fish in a bumpy boat, that should get things going, or at least you will be fishing. You know what they say, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day giving birth." Or something like that.
Uncle Bubba