Monday, May 7, 2012

Annabel::3 Months

How is it May 7th already??? I missed Annabel turning 3 months by a long shot! Well I didn't really miss it, but my blog did. :)

Annabel. What can I say? She sleeps at night. Wakes to eat usually just once and takes a nice long morning nap. She is terrible in the car. My first child who wasn't instantly calmed my a nice car ride. Oh well. She sleeps at night. I can't complain.

This girl likes stroller rides and being outside and being carried around. She mostly just gets to tag along with whatever her brothers are doing. She has watched a LOT of baseball already in her young little life.

Absolutely love the difference a girl makes. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful happy baby girl. I just love to snuggle and kiss those chunky little cheeks!! She has the greatest smile. Love you Annabel. Your Great Aunt Marshmellow!

Mom said...

Yep...she's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I think she wants to go fishing.
Uncle Bubba