Friday, September 21, 2012

Wyatt::7 Years Old

My summer babies have had their birthdays. Fall may officially begin. On Tuesday Wyatt turned 7! That is so amazing to me. 7 seems so old. I think of him as so little still. Wyatt's birth story is one of my favorites. We had our own house. All my family was there. He was my first baby born at home. I have a picture on my wall of Rand throwing Brendan WAY too high into the air. Willie took that picture and framed it and gave it to us for Christmas. It was taken on the afternoon I was in labor with Wyatt. I stood in the doorway and watched Brendan being tossed into the air thinking about how his little world was about to change. I so hoped he would be getting the best playmate around. And now I know that is exactly what he got!

It is strange celebrating his birthday here. He was born here, he celebrated his 1st birthday here. The rest have been elsewhere until this year. Now he is 7! Already been places and done things. Lots of things are different than when he came into our lives. Lots.

 He is a wonderfully flexible child. He goes with the flow and is okay when things change on him at the last minute. He is a great direction follower and lego builder. And he can kill his older brother at certain video games. His younger siblings love being entertained by him and he is sensitive to how others are feeling. He frequently offers encouraging words especially when he thinks someone is feeling down. He's a keeper.

his favorite food. (scratch that. the only food he likes)


Trunk Monkey said...

Great pictures Kay. Loved the lantern! To bad there wasn't a fire started from it >:)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! Your birthday looked so fun and I love the lantern!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day little man. That lantern was very bright, you could probably use it to fish with at night.
Uncle Bubba

Kim said...

Wow! What a fun birthday celebration! I loved the lantern!!