Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Annabel::8 Months

Big month! Little miss Annabel got her 2 bottom teeth. Annnd she is on her feet constantly. She thinks she is oh so cool when she lets go with one hand and swings it back and forth showing off her mad balancing skills. She loves to eat "real" food. I mean LOVES it! She joins us at the table for dinner just like a big kid!

She is horrible at sleeping. That's all I'm going to say about that. "This too shall pass....."

2 new teeth!
Little sweetie-pie
getting some nice hair!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, fun, growing so fast! Love you Annabel!! I will be coming to see you soon. Your Great Aunt Marshmellow

Krisy said...

sweet, perfect girl.

Anonymous said...

She is growing into the perfect little fisherwoman.
Uncle Bubba

Becki M. said...

LOL on the sleeping! Have you ever had one that loved it?!
She is just precious! I'm so jealous of Greg and his trip to see you guys...I'm trying to pull some strings and come along, lol!