Thursday, February 7, 2013

Children's Museum::Olympia

When we lived in Washington originally and had just two small, small children, we got a membership to the Hand's On Children's Museum. It was so fun and awesome...and popular. In a state where rain and cold is a reality for a good portion of the year, good indoor activities are a must! May I rabbit-trail a bit and say that this is also the case in states where it is ridiculously HOT for a good portion of the year. ahem, Phoenix.
 Anyway, when we moved back last year the Children's Museum had a beautiful new, big facility under construction in a great location downtown. We got a membership for Christmas and I know we will be spending lots of time there. As homeschoolers we can choose to go when it is less crowded which is SO nice! My 2 small, small kiddos from before are now on the older end for the museum (still fun...but only for a little longer) and the other 2 are almost the exact same age Brendan and Wyatt were when we first started going....6 years ago! I love them...and I love doing fun things together.

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Anonymous said...

All that place needs is an indoor casting pool, you can never be too good of a caster.
Uncle Bubba