Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blood Brothers?

We were out in the lovely weather this week. SUNSHINE!!!!

Brendan had grabbed a thorn off of a blackberry vine. All of a sudden I hear Brendan and Wyatt talking about being blood brothers. I was like, "how do you know about being blood brothers?"
{side note: Home schooling my kids gives me the distinct advantage of having a pretty good idea about what they know and what they don't know!} Not that knowing about becoming blood brothers is good or bad either way, I was just a little surprised they knew anything about that.
It turns out they learned about it recently when they both read The Indian in the Cupboard. Alrighty.

So Brendan (the kid with the high tolerance for pain) was really trying to talk Wyatt (the kid without a high tolerance for pain) into jabbing the huge blackberry thorn right into his finger while he tried to work up the courage himself. I volunteered to stab them both, but they didn't go for it. Needless to say the blood brother initiation didn't take place, but I did get this picture that I LOVE in the middle of the almost ceremony. Good thing they are already blood brothers. :)


Rachel said...

Hahahahaha! That's the most hilarious picture ever!!

Anonymous said...

Brothers in fishing is a better option. No stabbing involved, just some fish.
Uncle Bubba