Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baseball May In Fact Kill Us

er...I mean...WOOHOOOOO it's baseball season!!!! Okay, in case I ever forget what this "season" of my life is really like, let's review...[the post in which I seemingly complain and also brag in the same story]

We are a one income, one car family with 4 children whom we homeschool in a too small house with a too small kitchen: 9, 7, almost 3 and just 1. That in and of itself sounds crazy enough, and it is. The children are involved in AWANAs on Wednesday nights, ORLA on Monday and Wednesday mornings and small group on Thursday nights. This year I decided to start a new business with my mom in downtown Olympia (see above "one income family") far, we are still a one income family with a much crazier lifestyle.

We seriously considered not doing baseball this year. In the end we thought we might regret that because Brendan and Wyatt really, really love baseball, and they are good at it, and we had a lot of fun last year going to games and spending our spring doing baseball. Last year Wyatt played AA (machine pitch 5, 6, 7) and Brendan did try outs and played AAA (kid pitch 8, 9, 10). Wyatt is a good player and we found AA a little frustrating last year, but because he is only 7 and a skinny little guy we just decided to keep him in AA. In the mean time, a few weeks ago, we took Brendan to try outs and he actually got drafted to play in the Minors with 10, 11 and 12 year olds!!! He will be playing for the Yankees. I can't imagine him standing next to 12 year olds, but apparently they think he can hold his own!

We were having second thoughts about having kept Wyatt back in AA and talked a coach into letting him practice with his AAA team last night and just see if we should even consider bumping him up. He. Was. Awesome. He was a total stud. The coach said it wasn't even a question about whether or not he should play AAA, it was a matter of whether or not it was fair for this particular coach to pick him up. So we aren't sure which team he will play for yet, but he is so pumped he did so well! Both boys should improve a lot this season, playing with kids 3 years older than them!

We saw Brendan's practice schedule for the next month+ until opening day and it included practice 3 days a week....and that is just Brendan. We may need to figure out a solution to the one car thing, even if it is just for baseball season. It already takes a bit of juggling to pack everyone up, pick Rand up from work, make dinner and get to where we need to go. Now we have practice....and I have a job! It is crazy, and hard and busy and really fun. I can't wait for some of those sunny, perfect days watching my sweet little baseball studs. Stay tuned for an overload of baseball pictures in the weeks/months to come!

Here is Brendan at try outs (shortest one in his little player out there.) Told you I would brag....


Anonymous said...

What I love about fishing is that the season is all year long, no tryouts, and if you live close to the water, no car needed. But, I remember tryouts for my sport of choice, the excitement, and the great ball. Hope the boys have a great season.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

I think you have every right to brag (and complain). If I didn't have to work I would come and help you out. At least I could help Leslee at the studio! Please let me know their schedules because I am really looking forward to baseball games. Maybe I will be retired when Easton gets to that point!! Very proud to be Great Aunt to the geatest baseball players around. The Great Marshmellow.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

So very exciting and busy!!! What awesome baseball studs you have playing up! I can related when you mentioned that Brendan is the smallest on his team... my little niece is playing select/premier soccer with girls that are 2-3 years older than she is. Wishing you all a wonderful spring full great memories and an injury free season!!