Monday, June 3, 2013

Rand's Big Birthday

We just hit a whole new level of busy. It makes me spin when I sit down and try and put my thoughts in some kind of order. I do better if I just keep going, going, going. Busy is not my style, but it's definitely my life right now! I'm just going with it!

Where to start with this story? Most of you who would be reading this right now probably know most of the story. We married, went to seminary, had a change of plans and went to mortuary school, worked in Shelton for my Dad with some long term plans. Those plans changed and it was back to pastoral. Move, move, move, and we wound up back in Funeral Service in Arizona. AGAIN, things changed and we wound up back in Washington at a different funeral home, same company. My Dad's Funeral Home was out of the picture and sold to someone else who was in the right place at the right time about 5 years ago.

About a month ago Rand got a phone call from the current owner of McComb Funeral Home. He was ready to be done and called Rand first to see if it might be an option for us. Wow! It has been a whirlwind. The details are irrelevant, but it has been a super huge deal that has occupied almost all our time and thoughts and conversations.

Rand's last day of work at Mills & Mills was May 24. It was so surreal. He spent a little over a week transitioning at McComb Funeral Home and what he has done is nothing short of CRAZY. I keep looking at him kind of unsure if he is a genius or totally insane. There is a very fine line, you know? I've hardly seen him, he hardly sleeps. He is doing project after project after huge project. His official take over date was June 1st. His birthday was May 31st. He took main call that night and got his first call at 10:45 pm. First time I've ever seen him jump up and yell, "YES!!" when he's gotten a night call. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAND! It really will be a birthday we will never forget.

Because the Funeral Home needed a bit of an overhaul in many ways, Rand has cleaned up, rearranged and reorganized absolutely everything about the place (it's what he does best. he should have been a professional over-hauler). He is running the place basically by himself. There used to be 4 full-time staff there. He has a part time back up team in place to train and get set up to help him out with the nights, at services and on weekends. It has been impressive for me to watch him work like this. It almost feels like he finally has a project big enough to satisfy him!

Also in the switch over we acquired another car! Hallelujah! No more taking Rand to work and picking him up!!! Especially since I would be taking him to Shelton now and that is a 20 mile difference! I do miss him though.

We feel really blessed to have gotten this opportunity for a second time. I grew up in that place and while it is so incredibly weird to be there again and watch my kids run around playing just like I used to, it strangely feels normal. Kind of like coming home or getting something back that used to belong to you. It's hard to explain!

So for Rand's birthday we made and brought him an ice cream cake that we all enjoyed at the funeral home. I realize that most people would shudder at the thought, but for's normal. The next day we came back to the FH (I don't think Rand ever came home) and watched the Forest Festival Parade. The very place I grew up watching that parade from my whole life.

We are excited and scared and stressed out and confident. Rand is working like a mad man now, but once his systems are in place this is going to be a very, very good thing!

Only God could have worked out the details of this story the way they have happened. We're holding on to see what happens next!

Worlds only limbo-ing Paul Bunyon?


Anonymous said...

Talk about landing a big fish on your b-day, congrats.
Uncle Bubba

Maureen said...

Wow! YESS! You have waited and prayed and waited some more. This just tastes right for you both. Kind of like a great McFish dinner on your birthday!

Mrs. Henry said...

Kaylee. I love this.