Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Haircut for Easton...and Loose Teeth

Poor little Easton. I know I write about his personality every time I do a post about him. I can't help it. I'm sensitive to his position in the family, plus his disposition. I have a soft spot for him because not everyone understands him. He wants to just be who he is, and many people want him to be Brendan and Wyatt. And then at the same time he wants to be Brendan and Wyatt and yet he can't be.

Easton has been very anti-hair cut. All his life. Scared of loud noises, clippers were out. Every once in a while it would get long enough and bothersome enough that he would allow me about 2.5 minutes with dull scissors. I didn't do well with that window, but we never really cared.

The other day we were out and he happened to see a kids salon. He looked in the windows and declared he would like a haircut there with just scissors. I let that sink in for a good week until after much badgering by him I made him an appointment.

Man do I love his new haircut. It is still longer on top which I love and neat and tidy around the ears and neck.

Sadly on the same day, he slipped in the bath tub and knocked his 2 front teeth loose. We had an emergency dentist visit before his hair cut. We are hoping they just seal back down and don't discolor or need to be pulled. No front teeth for the next 5 years would really be sad.

Easton has grown up a little bit more this week.


Anonymous said...

I like Easton just the way he is, I have a feeling he has the attitude of a fisherman.
Uncle Bubba

Rachel said...

I just love that kid.

Kim said...

What a handsome little man!