Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This was our third Thanksgiving, in the same state, in the same town, at the same house. That's a lot of consistency for us! My dad hosted because he has the biggest kitchen, and frankly the biggest house (and it's not even that big!). I brought a pumpkin pie, a blackberry pie, (vegan) mushroom gravy, a bunch of chex mix and a FRUIT turkey (picture below). It was a feast. It was just family minus my mom and the Lovingfoss crew who spent Thanksgiving in Kansas. I debated, but I am just going to go ahead and say it: "Boo on Kansas"!
Now that Thanksgiving is over, Easton wakes up every morning expecting it to be Christmas. Good thing Christmas is coming quickly!

He ate about 3 cans of olives

Heart officially melted
I love the story these next 2 pictures tell.
Jordan: "Oh, you want to play this game do ya?"
Brendan: "Oh, you have no idea what's coming. I take Brazilian Jui Jitsu"
Jordan: "What just happened!? Help!!!"
Brendan: "How you like me now! This is awesome how I am about to take my uncle down!"

She finds Uncle Jon to be so so funny. I wonder what he was saying?

There always has to be one of these:

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Anonymous said...

You needed some smoked salman dip.
Uncle Bubba