Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Is 30 pictures too many? Well there might be about that many and I'm just going with it. With my lack of blogging consistency I sort of have to make up for it when I make it over to the space with pictures.
This year was similar to last except that Rachel and her family stayed in Kansas this year. :( We went to my mom's for Christmas Eve and my Dad's for Christmas Day dinner. Rand's mom came from Phoenix and stayed with us for the holidays as well.

We're sad that Christmas is over and we have the dull, dreariness of a long winter to face, but we are looking forward to good things in 2014. I even got an AeroGarden for Christmas which I've already planted and am waiting for herbs to spring up....which really gets me thinking about spring and gardens and that's something we can start doing now!

Without further ado....Christmas pictures!

Christmas Eve (the bag was her idea)
Jon winning over Annabel with food (an easy thing to do)
Jordan with a straw in the ranch. (not really)

Tired, but present

Annabel winning over Travis with her charm
 no winning-over needed

"Just Dance" Champ

Jordan is sad because he out ate his 3rd outfit. :(

And then Jetson ran across the house covered in mud

On to Christmas morning!
"Dad, look!"
he likes it
Brendan is wearing my clothes/pjs because of our Christmas pajama disaster. I'm a little disturbed that that sweatshirt fits him so well. CLASS OF '95, BABY!  (there's a weapon in that box)
Brendan giving Grandma a gift he made
my favorite Christmas picture of all


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there was no fishing equipment handed out this year. There was a lot of that passed around at our house, and a little more on the way via a Cabelas gift card. I might have a problem. Sorry we did not make it this year, but next year for sure.
Uncle Bubba

Jordan said...

I out ate my third outfit. hahahaha