Thursday, January 30, 2014

Annabel::2 Years

Time flies! Isn't that how all birthday posts begin? It's said so often it's almost cliche, but man! Where does the time go?! No babies in my house. And none on the way.

If Annabel is indeed my last baby, she is quite the finale! She is full of it! She is the happiest thing. I know I say she is crazy a lot, but I have to say it again. She's crazy!! She is brave and daring. She is loud and adventurous! She climbs on things, still. She's always balancing on ledges and jumping off of things. She will try ANYTHING she sees her older brothers doing. She sings and rocks baby dolls, and always has to bring an armful of them in the car. I looked up the other day and she was peddling a tricycle. Backwards, but still! I will not be surprised if one day this year she just picks up a book and reads it.

I have got to capture her walking on video, because everywhere she goes, she struts. No walking. It's either running or strutting her stuff. It's hilarious!

A couple months ago she decided she just didn't want to wear her diaper anymore. And so she used the toilet instead. It only works if she is naked, but still! :) Diapers are nearly a thing of the past!

She is my earliest potty trainer and my earliest to be done with pacifiers. Pacifiers were by accident, but still! She was really addicted! One day we couldn't find any. She asked. We said, "nope". And she slept without one, no problem. Hasn't looked back.

She eats almost anything and everything. She will eat vegetable soup with quinoa and kale for breakfast because she loves it. She eats spicy food and vegetables. What more could a mother of multiple children ask for? Just eat the food! And she does!

For her birthday we celebrated Lalaloopsy style. She has a Lalaloopsy doll that she loves and watches a Lalaloopsy movie that we found on Netflix. I find it fascinating that she loves girly things. She calls it "Loopy". And anytime Netflix is turned on Annabel will be shouting, "Loopy", which actually sounds more like "Yoopy"!
I made a fun Lalaloopsy cake with a new Lalaloopsy doll I got her, that turned out far better than I expected (cakes can easily go either way). It's been a while since I have been craftily inspired since having a 4th child, starting a business and homeschooling a 3rd and 5th grader. It was fun!

Annabel is a blessing and a joy.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that Annabel is ready for big girl fishing clothes, because when you are a girl and fishing in the boat you got to know how to hold it.
Uncle Bubba