Friday, February 7, 2014

Promotion Day

Woot!! I got back here in about a week! Improvement!

Not sure I've managed to write about the boys and their martial arts before now. Brendan and Wyatt have been taking Brazillian Jiu Jitsu since about September. I can't quite wrap my brain around what it is exactly and what type of people learn Jiu Jitsu, but many MMA guys use it. And there are many military and law enforcement guys who take classes there as well. All I know is the Jiu Jitsu dudes look tough. Like, scary tough. So, self-defense is the name of the game and rather than striking and blocking they are learning grappling, take downs and submissions. You'll have to ask them....

This was actually their second promotion day. Belts work similarly to karate, but they don't have as many colors. Instead you receive stripes on your belt as you promote. Both Brendan and Wyatt received 2 stripes during their first promotion day a couple months ago. And then Monday received another stripe. Little pieces of athletic tape are a big deal!

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Anonymous said...

Man, I wish fishing had promotions. Wait, maybe they do and I have just not been promoted yet. Oh well, nice work Wagner boys.
Uncle Bubba