Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7 Years

April 14 marked 7 years since my brother died. This time of year still brings a funk that settles in for a couple weeks even before I realize why. Life has changed so much since then and yet it still feels like someone is missing. I can't wait to see him again. I really can't.

We remembered together this year by grabbing his favorite gut-bomb burger from The Ritz in Shelton and eating lawn style up at the cemetery with friends who feel the loss like we do. We all took a swig of whiskey from his flask. For most of us it is a once a year event to even smell whiskey, but we do it for him! Then we spent the afternoon at Joanna's house and had a family dinner and made margaritas. Its always a little relief to get past the 14th. Another year.

Apparently it was wear your teal shirt day!

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Anonymous said...

Miss fishing with that guy.
Uncle Bubba