Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baseball::Opening Day 2014

Once again...I have some catch up work to do.
Let's start with baseball, shall we?

Opening day was a week (or so ago) on April 12th. Easton has decided he isn't playing this year (fine with us) and they bumped Wyatt up into the same level as Brendan (Hallelujah!). Wow! Baseball feels so much easier this year with both boys on the same team. They are playing Minors on the Detroit Tigers team (10-11 year olds). They had a great opening day (big win) and another big win their next game that week. Fun times ahead!

You can see the Wagner cheering squad out there in the outfield.

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Anonymous said...

I always cheered for opening day, but it was never for baseball, fish on!
Uncle Bubba