Friday, May 9, 2014

Kid Quotes::Vol. 56

I know I have missed some good ones. Better keep writing them down because you really can't remember these awesome one liners if you don't!

One from Brendan...

Setting--We have dance music on. Brendan is banging on a plastic box with tinker toy sticks (make shift the music) It's getting a little bit on my nerves...

Me: That's starting to get to me a bit.

Brendan: Like it's too loud? Or just annoying?

Me: ummmmm

Brendan: (before i can even answer) Because I really don't need you discouraging me right now because I really want to learn the drums.

Drums continue......

And another gem from Easton. He is full of them right now. 4 year olds are the best for Kids Quotes!

Easton: Mom, don't you think Olaf (our hamster) is cuter than Annabel?

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Anonymous said...

I think all fish are cuter than everything else.
Uncle Bubba