Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1 Bed for 2 Boys

When we moved to Arizona I knew I wanted to get the kids bunk beds. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the 1200 price tag on the ones that I wanted. That's okay. I'd like to consider myself resourceful....sometimes. Anyway, someone at our church had some bunk beds that they sold us for a steal of a deal and I got to work turning them into the beds that I wanted....which meant hours of painting! They turned out good.

There was a matching dresser too that I painted as well. It worked.
BTW, this picture was obviously taken in Phoenix. Notice the blazing Arizona sun streaming in the window? Feels like forever since I've seen that summery sun.

Fast forward. Now we live in'd did this happen again??? Sometimes I still have to ask that...and then answer it just to stay in check with reality!
The boys' room is much smaller, which is fine, because in my opinion, bedrooms are for sleeping and we don't do a whole lot else in there. I would prefer "space" in other places of the house where we do most of our living and playing (if I have to choose....or get to choose for that matter).
Anyway, the way we had to set up the room, that bottom bunk came out just about a half a foot away from the dresser...which had nowhere else to go. So that made getting into the dresser kind of annoying. Old houses have lots of tight little places.
Since we've moved here for some reason the boys tend to want to sleep in the same bed together. Sometimes they sleep up top, sometimes they sleep down below. The rule has always been that if they are quiet they can.
Well, to make a long story even longer we decided to get rid of the bottom bunk bed. Rand disassembled it and moved it to the basement yesterday. And then I got to work turning the empty space into a sweet man-cave for them! :) I'm sure it is the case with anyone who homeschools, but there is never enough bookshelf room. With that bed out I knew I could utilize that huge bookshelf under there. So all the kids books that aren't school books got moved down there, along with their comfy chairs, blankets and don't forget Christmas lights. I hung a couple quilts for some added privacy and Viola! Perfect little-boy-man cave! It's working for now and they spent a solid 30 minutes in there reading during rest time today. Lovely. I'm sure adjustments will be made in the near future. Like in the summer when they decide it is way too hot to sleep next to eachother anymore.


rachel said...

That is awesome! I want to hang out in the boy-man cave. Or am I not allowed?? I guess Jayden could hang out there!

Amy said...

sweet cave!! quiet time is nice too. :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

I'm jealous. I want a little cubby of my own like that where I can snuggle in and read my books.

Anonymous said...

That is not a man-cave, that is a library. Put up some pictures of fish and have rods and reels hanging off the shelves, then it is a man-cave.
Uncle Bubba

Krisy said...

I love the Christmas lights. Nice work momma.

Jordan said...

uh.. Royal... They are Rand's kids..Library=man cave to them. :)