Sunday, February 22, 2009

When I Grow Up

The conversation this morning went as follows:

(I was getting ready for church. The boys were being occupied by a video.)

Brendan (yelling from the other room): Hey Mom!

Me: What's up?

Brendan: When I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist.

Me: Oh yeah? You want to hunt for dinosaur bones?

Brendan: Yeah, and put them together like a puzzle!

Me: Cool. Sounds fun.

Wyatt: Hey Mom!

Me: Yes??

Wyatt: When I grow up, I want to be a monkey.

Me (speechless, but absolutely cracking up in my head): Awesome!


rachel said...

That is the most hilarious thing ever. And Wyatt probably doesn't want to be any monkey, probably a kung-foo monkey.

When I grow up, I'd like to be an electric blanket, then I'd never have cold hands again (like I do now).

Amy Cooper said...

I'm giggling at my computer! So funny!
You are going to write a book one day aren't you?? :)

nana said...

too cute!!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Love this. And, tell Rachel to buy herself a snuggie. :)

Anonymous said...

I am little disappointed that neither of them said they wanted to be professional fishermen, though monkey sounds like it could be fun.

Uncle Bubba

Luke said...



Krisy said...

Why a monkey? Funny.

Kaylee said...

(In response to Krisy)

Me: Wyatt, why do you want to be a monkey?

Wyatt: Because I want to climb trees.

Anonymous said...

I think monkey means comedian!! So funny. I have laughed all day. Big kisses to the monkey and the dinasor man. Love Great Aunt Marshmellow.

Jordan said...

By monkey he really means Uncle Jordan aka Trunk Monkey. :)