Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Live Spidey!

When Rand was a kid, I'm going to guesstimate age 4 or 5-ish, he had a Spiderman doll. Apparently it was his favorite. He can remember playing with it and all the things he used to do with it.....including biting the top of Spiderman's head.

Somehow this same Spiderman doll has made it's way into the hands of our kids....and strangely enough Wyatt likes biting the top of his head. I contemplated not letting them play with it because it is practically an antique and not in the best shape. The thing has been hand sewn, lovingly, a million times by Rand's mom. It looks like it is going to disintegrate. Well, of course, our boys love the thing and want to play with it. So I let them. I'm not sure what it is stuffed with, but over the years it has become hard as a rock and some spots have no stuffing at all, like the neck and the "joints". Well, you just can't play gently with a Spiderman doll. Just the nature of the character requires flinging and throwing and beating against things. So now I sew it. This last time its arm almost ripped completely off. The weird stuffing was falling out all over the place. What is that stuff anyway? It looks like old, disintegrating toilet paper. The boys have been BEGGING me to sew him up so they can play with it again. So finally I did. I added some poly-fil to his poor wobbling head and arms and did my best to pull together that old fabric. I'm sure he won't survive another generation.
Check this thing out!


Anonymous said...

I remember Rand doing the same thing. I thought he was going to destroy it 30 year ago. I am so glad Spidey survived for Brendan & Wyatt to enjoy. Now can you keep him alive for another generation?
Thanks for taking such great care your family...for being such a great Mom and Wife!
Missing everyone!

Anonymous said...

I think that you should sew a fishing rod into spidey's hands, just to reenforce the importance of fishing to the boys.
Uncle Bubba