Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Every cusp of a new season the boys and I start looking for "signs" that it is coming. It really started toward the end of winter when we were desperate for any sign of spring we could find. So in February every little bud, nesting bird, leaf, anything green, we would shout out, "SIGN OF SPRING!!!!!" And so it has become a thing around here. Soon we were seeing lightening bugs, and warmer weather and late nights and vegetables/fruit to eat out of the garden and, you guessed it, "SIGN OF SUMMER!!!!!" Yesterday we discovered our first "sign of fall" (besides all the school supplies that have hit the shelves). We found acorns! We have one big oak tree, right on the side of our house and it is dropping acorns left and right. So now every morning we are going "acorn hunting" and repeating our favorite line, "Found a sign of fall. Found another one. Look! Sign of fall!!!" It's fun. I have to admit. And I love looking, I mean hunting, for acorns just about as much as the boys do.

We are still enjoying many signs of summer including veggies from the garden, weeds, humidity, thunder and lightening almost daily, A/C, and lots of swimming. Not to worry, fall is still a ways off!


Leslee aka mom aka nana said...

ah yes, the great turning of the circle....aren't we glad things don't stay the same? always a going and a coming, the old, the new, as our family is preparing to say goodbye to another of our dear loved one, we are looking forward to welcoming one more into the fold, into our family, into our arms, into our hearts, sorrow and rejoicing....and through it all God remains with us, loving us, cherishing us....i can feel blessed in my joy and in my sorrow

Anonymous said...

The sing of fall that I enjoy is that of the silver salmon.
Uncle Bubba

Red said...

If your boys like to pick up acorns. I would love some. :) Wouldn't they look pretty sitting on the table in a vase like yours are? :)