Thursday, July 30, 2009

School is Coming...

Does summer seem to be flying by for anyone else?? I can hardly keep up. August is just a day a way. I can't believe it. We have had a very busy summer, and have a lot of busyness yet to come. So I have begun to think about school. I have been thinking about it all summer actually because it's quite a chunk of change we shell out to get everything we need for the year. (Much less than say a private Christian school, but a significant amount all at once nonetheless) So, I haven't ordered yet, but it's all tucked away ready to go in my "Sonlight shopping cart".
The start of school has always been one of my favorite times of year. By the end of summer I am so ready for the change. While I LOVE summer and all of the fun that comes with it, I find myself drained at the end of the season, what with the constant swimming, weeding, watering, cleaining up of the yard, staying up late, and the heat. Fall is the most welcome of changes! So school..... Who doesn't love the school supplies, new backpacks, new books and a brand new classroom full of potential for the rest of the year? Well I love it.
Having chosen to homeschool our kids I try really hard to recreate that for them. That's why I like to take a full summer vacation and not "school through the year" like some choose to do. Starting up a new school year is just too fun. In the spirit of that, I recently rearranged the school room in preparation for a new year and all our new books to come sometime later in August. This year Brendan will be a technical first grader, and Wyatt in preschool. We have lots of fun planned for this year! 4 weeks until school starts!!!

(I think the table is perfect over there in the sunniest corner! Might just get us through winter)


Nichole said...

Kaylee...I just want to say how brave I think it is that you've been home-schooling your boys - and you really did a fabulous job re-creating a school atmosphere for them too! love the table and little benches in that sunny corner!!! Good idea!

We truly are our children's first teachers!!! Way to go...and may God give YOU the strength and perseverance you will need carrying that little blessing inside of you too!!! **If you need a "break", please drop the boys off to our place anytime! We can relax over some tea? or ice cream? lol Boys, boys and more boys!!!

Luke said...

I can't wait to celebrate Box Day with you! I look forward to hearing about your start [smile].


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that Fisheries will be a main topic focus for this year. As for school I was never a big fan of having school in the fall, I always thought school should have run from Winter through Summer and then have Fall break instead of Summer break. The fishing is always better in the Fall.

Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

I'm an office supply junkie, I confess. I always love the start of school. But, right now, I just don't feel ready for all this fall talk. I'm still very much into the summer laid back attitude - I'm not looking forward to early mornings again!