Friday, July 3, 2009

Our 3rd of July in PA

If I couldn't be at Mason Lake, enjoying all the festivities there with my family...this was the next best thing. We had a fun, full day "camping", if you will.
We actually didn't sleep in the tent though, because we are having some friends over to camp for the 4th and we didn't want over-tired kids. But we did just about everything else.

I'll let the millions of pictures speak for themselves.
Busy start to the weekend!

Fun in the tent waiting for Dad to get home from work!

Baseball, of course

What the heck is Brennie doing?.....Bathroom break? hmmmmm

More catching of fireflies (or lightening bugs....whatever you want to call them)

The campfire


Red said...

can't wait! packing now..

Anonymous said...

No fishing? So disappointed.
Uncle Bubba

mom aka nana said...

It looks like a day and evening of having fun and making some wonderful memories for you but especially for brennie and wyatt....they will remember the games and the campfire....

Mama Amy said...

looks like a blast!