Sunday, September 20, 2009

Science Experiment #2::Wind

We have been learning all about weather. I can't even tell you how much I've learned. Ha! Actually I'm totally serious. Like, what actually causes the wind?? Anybody know? Or how does hail form? Or how can clouds help us predict the weather? Seriously, I am getting just about as much as the boys out of a Kindergarten Science Curriculum. I really love it. It's my favorite subject right now. :)
So generally every week we have some kind of "experiment" or hands on learning assignment that coincides with the weeks lesson. Last week we made a weather-vane and windsocks. The windsocks ended up with a Halloween theme since it is that time of year and they are currently adorning our front porch complete with cobwebs and spiders.

(Brendan hates the sound of Sharpie markers)

_____ ______
(I just love that they dress like spiderman for school)


The Malloy Family said...

We must talk homeschooling. We are doing classical education with Jackson (The Well Trained Mind). I must pick your brain later...

rachel said...

i love that they are dressed like spidey too! it cracks me up! i'm gonna send my kids to your school. :)

Anonymous said...

Sad that they did not adorn their windsocks with fish.
Uncle Bubba