Thursday, November 19, 2009

One of the Sweetest Boys

I have a real charmer in Wyatt. Both my boys are wonderful, in my opinion, but since Wyatt was just months old we knew he was a charmer. He had a special sparkle in his eyes and he hammed it up around people. He still does. And now he has learned how to charm with words. For nearly a year he has been charming his mom. I feel so lucky. :) I'm cherishing it now because I know it won't last. It has seriously been about a year, this kid is constantly telling me how great I am! "Mom, you're so beautiful," over and over and over. "I love you Mom. I love you so much. I love you more than God," the last one being his...there-is-nothing-greater-than-that love you.
And just last Sunday, getting ready for church he says, "Mom, you're more beautifuler than a mermaid."
Some day, some girl is going to be so lucky to marry this little ladies-man. I hope he never changes!


Anonymous said...

Forget charming women and focus on charming fish. You will be better off in the long run.

Uncle Bubba

rachel said...

wyatt is so sweet! i love that kid!

um, uncle bubba, maybe you should take a couple tips from little wyatt....just saying... :)

Mama Amy said...

Carter seems to be taking after Wyatt. The other day I said to Chad - "may I always be so adored by Carter..." just the way he looks at me melts my heart ...he isn't as verbal as Wyatt, but you can see by the look of love in his eyes and his "MOMMY ... I love my Mommy" as he strokes my hair. :) aaah, little boys. Kind of cancels out the occasional dirty looks I get from my oldest ...although she is very loving too.

McComb said...

Charming is a great way to describe Wyatt. Just look at that smile and he is very honest too. His mommy is beautiful!!! Just love those kids. The Great Marshmellow.

The Raudenbush Family said...

I love little boys and their love for their mamas. I will be very sad when Drew stops kissing my face all over and saying "I love loo."