Friday, November 20, 2009

Kid Quotes::Vol. 13

Updated at the bottom

Oh my, the boys have been saying some hilarious things.

Yesterday I was writing about how lovey Wyatt is. Brendan is also very lovey but in a different way.
He is very, very much like Rand in how he thinks and what he thinks about and how he talks. Lately he's been asking anyone he comes in contact with if they know God or not. And not just "Do you know God?" but "Do you know the real God." He's very concerned if people might be worshipping idols. I've been surprised by people's responses. Some people say, "yes I do!", genuinely pleased at the question and happy to share. The other night at Target he asked the gal at the cash register, "Do you know God?" and she answered, "Not personally." Woa! I bet she was dying inside! The lady behind us in line got such a kick out of it. Her husband was a pastor and so she just loved it! It's a little awkward for me, but I go with it, and he's learning a lot! Me too.

Yesterday I was filling out new chore charts for the kids. They were helping me pick a few new chores they would like to help out with. Feeding the dog is one that they can do. Brendan and I had the following conversation about this particular chore. (If you know Rand, this is going to just kill you!)

Me: (typing and talking at the same time) How about "Fill Sammy's food?"

Brendan:How about "Fill Sammy's food bucket?"

Me: (not wanting that many words) No. Just "Fill Sammy's food"

Brendan: (laughing and sort of mocking me) Mom! That makes no sense! What are we going to do, break open her food and fill it with cinnamon and sugar or something?!?!

Me: (jaw on floor. ohmygosh speechless) YOU!!! Your dad does that to me!!!!! You are so right!
Let's put, "Fill Sammy's food dish".

Brendan: Yeah. That's better. That makes more sense. (he was seriously shaking his head and laughing at me for being so silly)

(And I was shaking my head and laughing at him for being so Rand!)

And for a Wyatt quote---
We all went to Chic-fil-A recently. The kids were playing in the play area with some other kids. Wyatt came out and we had this little conversation:

Me: You all done playing?

Wyatt: There's just one problem. No one will get me.

Me: Why don't you go back in and tell Brendan that you want him to chase you.

Wyatt: (talking a little too loudly) No! I asked that brown skinned kid and he wouldn't!!!

We died! Told him to go ask him his name and sent him back in so that we could cover our red faces and quietly crack up to ourselves!

This has got to be the best ages for kid quotes. They are just constant.

Update: Just to prove my "mini-Rand" point a little more, I just said to Brendan, "Bren, come on. You need to do your math work. You have a test today."
And Brendan said back, "YAY!!!!! A TEST!!!!"

Who does that?


The Raudenbush Family said...

Hilarious. And, for the record, Ashlyn loves tests and wants me to give them to her too. I don't even home school! She creates her own tests sometimes and administers them to me (count the squares...make 10 "A"s...things like that).

Amy Cooper said...

Love it Kay - and you tell it so well!

Oh, and by the way. . . your word verification just asked me to enter CURESED. . . just one letter away from cursed. . . .I'm a little wierded out. . . :)

Jordan said...

You know what's going to be great? When Brendan starts correcting Rand. haha. A little taste of his own medicine! :)

Anonymous said...

I also like tests, like knowing the lb test of fishing line and the testiness of fishing.

Uncle Bubba

The Malloy Family said...

K, I laughed SO loud that Greg came out and asked me what was going on. And I was laughing because Greg does that EXACT same thing to me too! Oh my gosh, to have TWO of them in the house. You are a saint! :)
Seriously, too funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kaylee!!!!! The Great Marshmellow (I just don't know what else to say. I am laughing so hard.)