Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally! The First Post from AZ (again)

We made it. It was long and hard....and we still aren't done, but we have arrived. Moving is so gosh-darn hard! I pretty much hate it by now....and I've said about a million times, "I'm never moving again." Although, it's pretty much 100% we aren't going to be in this house forever, but I'm hoping to stick it out for a while, at least.
I'll make this one as short and sweet as possible. My baby is growing (which is good) but making my life oh so much harder. The drive was ridiculously long and boring, but I was glad to have sisters with me the whole way. Kansas was a great break and seeing my cutie-cute nephew and niece was the highlight of the trip. I'm soooo tired. The new house has been frustrating, overwhelming, a blessing, fun, etc. I'm emotional and hormonal so who knows what the actual state of affairs really is..... There are some things I hate about this house....and lots of things I love. Let's just focus on the love. LOVE the pool. LOVE that there are no stairs. LOVE the open lay-out. LOVE the light. LOVE the covered back patio. LOVE the orange trees that I need to revive and rescue. LOVE that the dog can just go in and out and not escape (thank you block walls!) Seriously LOVING the weather. And more....
OK. I can't help it. I HATE the emerald green carpet in the bedrooms (glad the rest of the house is tile). HATE the peachy-orangey walls (going to paint those). HATE all the things that seem to be broken or not working right. Ummm, I'll just stick with those for now. Pretty much hate those things. BUT, I'm grateful.....very grateful.

There are many more details to share, but I think I'll just leave it at that for tonight and give you a few pictures. More of the house to come as it all gets put together.

Does anyone else find this first picture slightly ironic and so NOT funny?!

Saying goodbye to friends. Last night.

Goodbye house.

Crossed a couple borders on the way. Didn't capture all the pictures. I think there were 11 total counting PA and AZ.

Found a hotel pool to burn off some of the car riding wiggles.

Hooray for family who live in Wichita!

Back on the road....the most boring part of the drive.

This is New Mexico....strange.

Snowy Arizona

Little pieces of the new home. A serious work in progress right now.

Our saving grace this summer!
The pool. The kids have been in. It's probably 50 degrees in there. FREEZING!

Oh! Email me and I'll give you our new address. (
Also, no more home phone (if you ever called me on that). Still have the same cell phone numbers, though.


KrustyTheCat said...

I'm glad the move went pretty well Kaylee! Hopefully you can all settle down now.

Jordan said...

um.. is that Rachel's piano? Did I miss something?

The Raudenbush Family said...

Glad you made it. We were worried that we hadn't heard anything yet. Good to see all the pictures. The New Mexico one is pretty funny. We're about to get hit with another blizzard today. Good gracious. I want that warm weather right now.

Mama Amy said...

Glad you made it. Bet you're glad THAT'S over! You got out right in time to avoid the tundra like conditions around here. 2 feet of snow last weekend and another 12-20" predicted for tonight/tomorrow! We miss you around here. :(

Nichole said...

Kaylee, Rand and boys...
Looks like "things" are moving right along... way to go!
Your new house looks very nice :) I bet you can't wait to finally settle the rest of the house as you prepare for your newest little blessing. We miss you guys terribly too. We've moved into another church in our area now, just fyi. we love every aspect of it :)

PS: Tony will call Rand very soon to catch up!

Give kids a big hug from us too. Take care of yourself and enjoy your newest adventure!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pool. I know I need to come and jump in with the kids. The Great Marshmellow

Heckert's Highway said...

I'm so glad you are finally there and can get settled before the new little one arrives!

The pictures are great! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done. It looks fabulous so far!

Don't wear yourself out and take care!

Lots of love,

Krisy said...

Love you! Way to go.

Jessica said...

Did I see snowball in the corner of that one picture?

Red said...

You must be nesting. :) It looks like you have done so much all ready. We moved into this house one month before Gwen was born, boy do I remember all to well how you feel! It will all get done in time.

Glad you made it safe and the piano is beautiful!

Now as you enjoy your warm weather I am going to bundle up for another storm.

Amy Cooper said...

Yeah - you're there! Good luck with the weeks and months to follow - we're thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You should put some fish in your pool.
Uncle Bubba