Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting Ready

The work to be done is never ending. I've prepped my diapers which basically means I washed them a BUNCH of times including lots of separate washes for a couple of the darker colored covers so they don't bleed on everything else. I think they're done.
I transformed my yucky, old changing table. It looks better.
Here's what it looked like before:
(this is the crib, but the changing table looked the same)

After the transformation:

The crib will meet a similar fate soon. And I mean soon. We're running out of time here.

Speaking of running out of time, I got my birthing kit in the mail today. In case you're curious, it is all the sterile supplies that my midwife is going to need know....she needs it. It is full of all sorts of birthy things like grips of those huge blue pad things, umbilical cord clamps, gauze, gloves, scrubber thingys and a little, teeny, tiny baby cap. It's enough to make reality really sink in. This is going to happen. 3 weeks to go (hopefully no more) and things are painful enough at night I'm really hoping for sooner. Whatever it takes, right! If only I could decide on a name for the poor little guy. Anyone else think picking a name is soooo incredibly hard??? Golly.

I just keep telling myself, "This is nothing to be scared of"....even though the contents of this box kind of scare me!


Kristi said...

BIOHAZARD! That's enough to raise your BP. The changing table looks really GREAT. Any day now! (now who's jealous???!!!) ;-)

rachel said...

the changing table looks good! waaay better than before.

and it cracks me up that you used the word 'golly'.

can't wait! can't wait! i will be sleeping with the computer by our bed soon, so we can meet the new little dude on oovoo!

The Raudenbush Family said...

I agree with Kristi--"biohazard" is a bit freaky. Don't be scared--enjoy the anticipation. Can't wait to hear what you name him and see the little guy.

~C said...

good luck with your home birth!! i LOVED ours. and boys really are the best! :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure everything will go well. I think you should paint some fish on the furniture.
Uncle Bubba

Krisy said...

Golly? Love you...we are getting close.