Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Baseball Day

Well we are slowly but surely settling in.....and I mean slooowly. I'm just pretty darn slow. And my body hurts and doesn't really do what I want it to and I'm pretty tired...a lot. Things are getting put away, but there still seems to be a lot to do. Rand is working, which is good, but an interesting transition and an interesting job. Still trying to find our routine and have everything settle down a bit so we can think more "church" and of course, "baby".
I'm 35 weeks today....which means I can safely deliver at home in just 2 weeks!!! Holy Moly!!!!! The baby's room is still in shambles....big time. Oh well. I just need some diapers and onesies, and that kid should be set for a while. :)

Yesterday, we took a break from it all and had ourselves one major baseball day. We started out bright and early in the morning at the Diamondbacks Stadium for free family fun. It was Fan Days or something like that and there were lots of activities for the kiddos and even a tour of the players' club house. It was pretty cool to be down on the field and in the dug out and what-not.

After that we headed over the Rand's old high school for the 2nd annual Horizon High School Alumni Baseball Game and an honorary celebration for Rand's old coach, Coach Kibler, for 30 years of service at HHS. Rand played (on the old guy's team) and had a total blast. The kids had a lot of fun watching Dad play, but not nearly as much fun as Rand had playing. He pulled a couple muscles and almost threw his back out on his first swing, but overall played well! :)
Oh, the glory days!


Anonymous said...

Looks like good weather, you should have went fishing.
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We're still buried under oodles of snow. We have a while before we'll be playing baseball. I'm about 35 weeks pregnant myself. We're looking at the first week of April to travel. Can't believe it. Wish you were here to share this time together. Miss you!