Monday, May 31, 2010

The Big Sister Visit (plus others)

Phew! We've had a crazy, fun week. While having everyone under one roof (almost) is super fun and crazy, I much prefer the shorter more frequent visits that we used to have when we lived closer together. But we don't, so we will enjoy what we can. And we had a lot of fun! Last Saturday morning my sister Rachel and her family (Royal, Jayden and Willow) flew in. That evening my other sister Joanna joined us and they all stayed for a week. My parents, although ready to get out of their motorhome, stayed in Phoenix a little longer for the visit and we spent the week mostly at my house in the pool or in the kitchen! :) The kids have never been so tired and no one really caught up on sleep until the very end of the week (of course). My camera is broken at the moment so all of these pictures came from Rachel, Joanna or my Mom's camera.

Willow is the cutest. We need some more girls in this family!

Look what Easton loves doing! He still needs a lot of propping!
He gets this same crazy look on his face in the bathtub. He's crazy, just like his brothers!!

There was a lot of snow cone eating....and a couple margaritas

This is the famous "Papa hold". Puts babies to sleep like a charm!

Jayden loves his trains!

This is one good Auntie (We're training her)! :)

Let's not forget the lightsabers!!!

And of course there was the endless swimming at all hours!


rachel said...

we had so much fun! can't wait till we live near each other again!

hopefully see you in august!

Anonymous said...

Fun was the order of the day, next time a little more fishing will need to be added.
Uncle Bubba

Nichole said...

O my gosh! This looks so fun... and I love those baby photos, gee he's a cutie pie, love those cheekers!!! Hope you all are doing well, miss y'all!

I like your new blog makeover too :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

camera broken? oh no! looks like you managed to get some great pics to preserve the memories from the other cameras regardless. What a blast it looks like you guys had!